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Friends have a new express Vet Clinic to visit with their pets! Mia is a natural at caring for animals. She started
learning in the first Heartlake Vet (
3188) in 2012. This new curvy clinic may seem small, yet it has all the
medical equipment and supplies needed.
There's also a playground for some fun therapy -- the best prescription!
The FriendsBricks community wishes to thank TLG’s CEE Team for generous support of this set to review and share with fans.
Box art - front - new Aqua blue flanges on both sides.  The trademark 'ribbon' across the boxes is also in aqua.
Angled view to highlight the new Aqua blue flange -- with box art of the animals in this set carried over onto it. It helps identify the
Vet sub-themes sets and is very sweet!
Box art - back - showing just some of the clinics functions for play all those animal needing care. Close-up of medical tools, and the
Vet Ambulance (
41086) that complements this set.
Contents of box (which notably for 2015 contains less air, is packed tighter for less waste and less rattling sound)
Sticker sheet, 16x16 "cool yellow" baseplate, one instructions booklet, 2 bags of parts
Bag 1 contents; New for 2015:
  • Circle 90G 6X6 Roof Tile [part #95188] in Medium Azure
  • Roof Tile 3X4/25° in Medium Azure
  • Roof Tile 1X3/25° in Medium Azure
  • Kitty in Dark Orange and Puppy in Medium Stone Grey
We start off with getting Mia ready in her "new for 2015 and the Vet sub-theme shirt" with medical logo with animal
paw print (so cute!)
Bag 1's inner bag contents
It's nice to have the "new" stud tube on the bottom of the round 2x2 tiles (new in medium stone grey) rather than the
cross section. New jumper bottom openings in the New Magenta (bright red-violet)Plate 1X2 with 1 Knob

First we build the stars of the set:
Kitty and Puppy get their merry-go-round put together -- and of course it spins! Quite easily, actually. We get an accessory rack
with ball, water bottle and brush (new mold) and also a placard sign for the clinic.
Building the clinic is literally 'brick-by-brick' with 2x2 tan bricks (no column pieces here) and incorporates nice trans yellow lighting.
Bag 1 builds the base and walls of clinic. At first the stacks of tan bricks seemed a bit wobbly on the edge of
the azure quarter round plates, yet when cross-connecting with the plates on top, it becomes sturdy.
New for 2015 is the Plate 3X3, Cross [part #15397] in Purple (Medium Lavender) which serves as an
international symbol of medical care.
Here is the interior so far.  On to the next bag ...
Bag 2 contents; New for 2015:
  • Brick 1X3X2 with Ins and Outs Bow in Aqua (used as sign arches here)
  • Plate with Bow 2x4x2/3 in Medium Azure
  • Plate 3X3, Cross [part #15397] in Purple (Medium Lavender)
New for 2015: Corner Plate 1X2X2 - and- Plate 1X2 with 1 Knob (jumpers) both in Magenta (bright red violet)
Bag 2 building begins with finishing off the magenta trim on the top of the clinic. Then the interior equipment; weight-scale,
computer, and the small unit up front with azure slope top is the X-ray unit.
Bag 2 continues with setting X-ray unit onto the azure tiles.
We connect the purple (medium lavender) tile section onto the trans smoke bricks; this allows the X-ray unit to slide past an injured
animal standing on the platform.
After the X-ray machine is done, we add the Exam Light (which adjusts its tilt up or down) on the purple exam table with roll-guard,
and spot for chart clipboard.
This finishes the clinic -- the boxes in the curved window are fish food and dog food.
Just add the aqua medical tools to the rolling cart and you're ready for whatever ails your friends pets!
The play equipment is a favorite and good fun.
Oopsie! It looks like kitty may have sprayed the puppy on the playground -- good thing Mia can comfort a queasy pup!
Feeling better? Hope so -- it's an easy and fun set to play!
Cute stickers and extra parts.

New parts for 2015 list total:
  • Brick 1X3X2 with Ins and Outs Bow in Aqua (used as sign arches here)
  • Plate 3X3, Cross [part #15397] in Purple (Medium Lavender)
  • Circle 90G 6X6 Roof Tile [part #95188] in Medium Azure
  • Roof Tile 3X4/25° in Medium Azure
  • Roof Tile 1X3/25° in Medium Azure
  • Plate with Bow 2x4x2/3 in Medium Azure
  • New Kitty in Dark Orange and New Puppy in medium stone grey
  • Flat Tile 2x2 Round in medium stone grey with new bottom tube opening
  • Plate 1X2 with 1 Knob (commonly called "jumpers") in Magenta (bright red violet)
  • Corner Plate 1X2X2 in Magenta (bright red-violet)
2015 Heartlake City map in the instructions booklet -- wow, it's getting full :-)


Starting a new Vet sub-theme, this a medium-size set packed with good building techniques, parts and playable setting.
Having two animals come in the set is nice. It's also fun to think of adding the other new animal sets (41087
Bunny and Babies,
Little Foal, and 41088 Puppy Training) to the imaginative-play experience. The Vet Ambulance (41086) will be fun to, as it
adds Emma and a Hedgehog.

The curvy aspects of the clinic are good architectural designs for kids to think about when they build. The parts are great for MOC
(My Own Creation) builds.
This clinic can easily sit on any LEGO street in any LEGO City. Everyone needs a place for injured pets.

vet set from 2012 was very well-received and seemed to elude many fans who came into Friends after its initial busy first year.
I think this set will be just as coveted for serious Friends fans, and other LEGO fans will enjoy the parts.

Vet Clinic gets a positive "check-up" from me!
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