Welcome to The Starlight Inn, as you are greeted by Sira Copperbranch - The Sky Captain.
Azari and baby fire dragon Spark have stopped by for a visit too!
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The Starlight Inn (41174) contains 343 parts - Year released: 2016
Box contents = 3 parts bags, one 8x16 green baseplate, instructions booklet, and sticker sheet.
Side of the box has an image the new 2016 Elf - Sira Copperbranch - the Sky Captain & Inn Keeper!
Plus, it's fun to see the name of the set in various languages.
Bag 1 contents: the map with dragon egg is new, along with the fire dragon Spark and his orange egg.  Azari's top is a new design.
First you build Azari, then the table and chairs - complete with map, quill and ink well, and tasty star-topped pastries.  
Spark is hiding is his egg shell for now.
There is Spark -- and he's quite happy that next we build the Cellar.
The door section fits onto hinge brick assembly to give it a proper slant.
This is everything we get to build from Bag 1 -- along with some lovely extra pieces.
Bag 2 contents: Sira Copperbranch!, and lavender corner slopes, plus lots of yummy pieces in those inner bags!
Yet another moving-parts function is the handle that allows you to have the flame across the center of the hearth, for using the
gold cooking pan -- or flame up for heating the Teapot.  We build the hearth first, then place it into the Inn with outside access too.
Here you can see the hearth as it is inside -- with a drinking mug and key.  The railing serves as a fireplace screen to make sure
guests don't get burned.  There are 2 cut-logs for the fire when it needs more.  The small table and green bottle make this seem
like a classic Elf hang-out ... well, to me anyway.
Now we get to build more clever, functioning parts -- starting with the secret key compartment.  Although it's a technic axle going into the stairs,
the telescope can be rotated without turning the staircase.
Here is everything Bag 2 builds -- along with the extra pieces.  It's basically the
bottom core of the Inn, which certainly looks bigger from the outside!
Bag 3 contents: new lime green panel, dark green hinged plates, curve slopes in green, dark tan baseplate + lots of goodies in the inner bag.
First we finish off the bottom module with lovely pink foliage with purple jewels, plus the green pediment above the door --
complete with an Earth element symbol on the printed tile. Then we get to build the bed that has a storage drawer underneath.
The drawer is where Azari stored her suitcase that has a very important piece ... a Compass!
We can see that this structure is modular, in that we build two modules that can easily come apart (due to tiles) and makes this
set a perfect candidate for additional modularization.
The top module is built with the hinge plates to create the fabulous bow window.  I am so glad the window glass ornate is printed!
Here is the completed Inn, once the top attic with green leaf roof is added.  In it there is a candle by which Sira can read the
Dragon-shaped constellation star chart.
Here is the front of the completed Inn -- the leafy roof can hinge open for access, just like other Elves structures.
The sign has such an adorable sleeping dragon and the crystal landscaping surrounds the Inn with a nice glow.  
Extra pieces from this bag includes another compass ~ yay!
The entire set includes the Cellar, Table & Chairs, 2 mini-dolls, and a baby fire dragon + the Inn.
Sira is demonstrating some of her Earth powers.  The spot for Spark's seems safe & secure.
The overall design is a very detailed build and the result is a very warm & friendly looking place to rest a while.
This set introduces Sira Copperbranch - The Sky Captain, the baby fire dragon - Spark, and although Azari isn't new, her top
print is and is quite fitting for a Fire Elf.  Spark's wings, head & back ridges are translucent.
The instructions booklet includes announcement for the new Elves app game.
We also get a sliced panel of the wonderful graphics by the Elves design team ~ along with a sneak peek of the antagonist coming this August - Ragana the Elf Witch.  She has the Queen Dragon
chained, so it's up to us to be brave Elves to save the Dragons!
While Azari is resting after having calming Earth Green Tea, Sira scans the sky with her telescope.  Although Elvendale is relatively
peaceful, darker days are ahead and she is making sure she's ready as any good Sky Captain!
This year's Elves sets, storyline, lush graphics, and useful gear items demonstrate the theme's creative spirit.
The new dragons -- with new adventures coming in a few months -- make it appealing for more than just parts.
Although, the new, clever and fun parts so commonly found in both Friends & Elves themes
continue to win-over fans -- especially AFOLs!

Thank you for reading -- enjoy the magical creativity!
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The Cellar has moving parts -- turn the handle to the right to "light" the candle.
The Cellar is where the baby fire Dragon, Spark sleeps.  It's really a nice compact section on
its own.  The Lavender doors are lovely and I look forward to using them,
and the slant technique in other creations in the future.
The Cellar back reveals the cushion inside where Spark sleeps, and to the left under the tree branch is where Spark's egg safely
rests.  The new dragon's eggs are beautiful translucent with dimensional polygon facets that complement the crystal rocks.