Friends Bricks Sunshine Harvest Review

Welcome to the Sunshine Harvest. Take a ride on the tractor or buy some jam at the fruit stand. You can buy some flowers or pick some fruit in the garden. Let's take a closer look at LEGO Friends set: Sunshine Harvest.

The FriendsBricks community wishes to thank TLG's CEE Team for generous support of this set to review and share with fans.

Something I noticed on the box when I took a closer look was the Sunshine Ranch on top of the hill. I don't know how often that happens on box art, as I don't always pay attention, but I thought that was a nice detail.

The back of the box shows the great playability of this set, as well as some of the great accessories.

When we open the box, we get an instruction booklet and two large bags. I was thrilled to see that there was not a sticker sheet, as I don't like putting them on my sets. I personally like the versatility of a plain piece. Printed pieces are also appealing because the print doesn't come off as easily as a sticker, plus the print is where it is intended to be. For me, putting a sticker on gives me anxiety. It's just not for me.

When I opened up the first bag, I was very happy with what was inside. There's a great mix of color, and fun pieces to let one's imagination run wild!

Exclusive to this set in bag 1:
  • Jam printed 2x2 tile
Rare items in bag 1:
  • Pink hanging bucket
  • Red Apples
  • Red Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • Dark pink 1x2 slopes
  • Tan cone with handle (ice cream cone)
  • 1x4 Medium nougat log bricks
  • 1x4 white arch

The first bag makes the fruit stand, Olivia, a bouquet holder, and a puppy with house.

The fruit stand contains plenty of details for playability. They packed a lot in this part of the build. There is a cash register, a cake, jam and jelly jars, apples, cherries, and strawberries. The flower decorations are a cute touch. The printed jam tile adds a nice effect of being a real place of business.

The puppy house isn't very exciting, but at least he has some shade when hanging out at the fruit stand. The roof pattern matches the fruit stand's roof pattern which makes the set cohesive. There is a bone for him to snack on. Fun fact: His name is Charlie, which happens to be my dog's name.

The bouquet holder is simple but to the point. The yellow jumper plate holds the pink bucket nicely, which in turn holds the bouquet. It looks like it could hold another bouquet as well.

The second bag contains mostly plants and vehicle pieces. This has a great variety of parts as well and makes three really neat little builds.

Exclusive to this set in bag 2:
  • Medium azure corner wall element
Rare items in bag 2:
  • New grass piece
  • More red apples
  • New dark orange 3x3 cross plate
  • All other medium azure pieces
  • 1x3 brown arch

The second bag makes the tractor, tree, and garden.

Looking at the tractor, it is made realistically. But, the trailer should have the wheels set back further. It hinders some playability as it hits the larger tires on the back of the tractor when turning, especially in reverse, which prohibits the wheels from rolling. It can hold plenty of fruits and vegetables and bring them to the fruit stand in a hurry!

The apple tree  has a great look to it, well, from the front. The back is quite flat. The smaller brown arch really helps give varying heights for the tree. It's only in six sets right now, and hopefully they will incorporate it in more trees. Also, the 3x3 cross plate is very helpful in making the tree more sturdy. I am glad they introduced this piece and I, again, hope they add it to more sets, and in more colors.

As adorable as this garden is, it really should have been a bit bigger. When I think of a harvest, I think of more than six plants. They could have doubled the size and it wouldn't have added too many more pieces. The door to the garden is a nice touch, as is the small pathway.

Here is a closer look at some of the newer pieces. The grass piece is really interesting, and I'm sure it will be used in many MOCs in different ways. I can't think of a lot of uses for the jam tile, but it's not completely useless. It's also very cute. The strawberry tiles are just so sweet, and I hope I can find a clever use for them.

Why is she in a skirt?! If you are using heavy machinery, you should be wearing proper clothing and shoes. If I look past that, she is of course delightful. The top is also in the 41015 Dolphin Cruiser, and in the upcoming polybag 30112 Flower Stand. It fits in nicely with with flowers in the tree.

There are 21 extra pieces which brings the set to $0.08USD per piece. There is even an extra cherry and strawberry piece.

I wasn't very excited for this set when I first saw the pictures of it. I was more excited for some of the buildings in the same release. However, when I opened the box and took a look at everything, I was pleased. The set is great looking and full of great little goodies. Overall, I like the variety in this set. If you like vehicles, you'll probably love the tractor, and if you like buildings you'll most likely enjoy the fruit stand. There are enough accessories to please both children and adults. I can just imagine how nicely this will go with the Sunshine Ranch.

A special thank you to everyone who made this review possible.

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