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Get the puppy ready for the next agility competition in Heartlake City!

The FriendsBricks community wishes to thank TLG’s CEE Team for generous support of this set to review and share with fans.
Box Art: Front. This set is one of the five sets in the new Vet Clinic sub-theme. The package is marked with a medical logo with a
paw print and highlighted with light blue instead of the pink and purple from the regular Friends sets.
Box Art: Back. The play suggestion photo shows the puppy hoping to make the big jump! The picture next to it presents all the new
animals from the Vet Clinic sub-theme. They seem to be saying, “
Collect us all!
Box Contents: 1 Booklet, 2 Bags, and 1 6x6 Plate
65 pieces, mostly very small! Medium Azure and Magenta are two of the selected decorative colors the five sets in the Vet Clinic
sub-theme have in common.

Meet the puppy wearing her pretty blue bow:
She has her bowl of treats and a bone. She can have them when she fetches the stick!

This puppy is very similar to the puppy named Max from
41025 Puppy’s Playhouse, but their eyes may be slightly different.
Set #41025
The 2013 puppy seems to have droopy eyes compared to the new one.
Now let’s put together a few necessity items for the puppy!
These cream-colored puppies have a different look with more enhanced eyes compared to the other two dogs from the same mold.
A bottle of water, a box of dog treats, a dog bed, and 3 cones for the agility training! Don't lose those tiny pieces!
Here’s the water jump:
Can the puppy make the jump over the water without knocking over the bar?

The main build of this set is the seesaw and the little tree:
This is about the half way complete.

Once everything is put together, she’s ready to do her training!
There is no dog house, but there are lots of accessories for the puppy! While this set is not an ideal gift for someone who wants to
build something substantial, it can be a fun starter set for animal-loving kids.

This set and a few others (like
41087 Bunny & Babies and 41089 Little Foal) are apparently replacing the animal pack series from
the past two years. I know some fans will miss the animal packs, but personally, I’m happy with the change. I like the way the
animals are now part of the regular Friends sets instead of being a separate collectable line.

As I mentioned earlier, all the sets in the Vet Clinic sub-theme are beautifully color-coordinated; a few selected colors are carefully
used in all of them so that it will be more fun when you collect them all and combine them together! Of course, Puppy Training is a
cute set that can be enjoyed on its own, or it can be added to other dog-themed sets like
3942 Heartlake Dog Show.
Extra Pieces

Thanks for reading, and keep building with LEGO Friends!
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Let’s open the bags and see what we have!