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LEGO Friends Olivia's Ice Cream Bike Review #41030
Olivia has installed her ice cream bike near what could be a public square with a fountain;
or is it a park? Her front yard? Let your imagination decide and pick your favorite flavour!

The FriendsBricks community wishes to thank TLG’s CEE Team for generous support of this set to
review and share with fans.

BOX ART, front and back:
At first glance there seems to be a pretty classic array of pieces and colours. I can already see some log bricks, those
are always nice! What strikes me immediately and really makes my day: there is not a single sticker!
A better look at the pieces. There are a lot of different colours. That’s something that usually bothers me when I’m
finished building a set, because the result usually lacks harmony. But on the other hand, I appreciate the fact that
kids that are either underprivileged or have a moderate interest in Lego will then have a wide variety of pieces and
colours to build with in a smaller box.

- New parts include the sand blue skirt (also in #41034 Summer Caravan this summer). I’m starting to have a lot of
pastel or flashy bottoms. After a sand green skirt not that long ago (
Heartlake News Van, #41056), I really
appreciate a different shade of blue.
- The new round plate with swirl top now comes in reddish brown. Only two right now but I’m hoping to see more
in future sets.
- And of course a new road sign clip with ice cream cone and popsicle printed on it. ^^
Olivia has a pretty rare pink top that she only wore when riding her
beach buggy (#41010) and the new sand blue skirt.

The set features many small elements. We start by building the mail box. I haven’t quite
figured out why there even is one of those. I don’t really visualize a public mailbox in a park, as
it is pictured on the box.
Then the fountain. It looks pretty cool, but I especially like the little added detail. There are actually coins in there,
silver and gold! Some people have bigger dreams than others ;-)
The picnic table looks just like it’s supposed to, but I find the tabletop a little small. It seems like part of it is missing.
Now for the fun part: the trailer. A still simple but slightly more complex build. The freezer opens and closes just like a
real one. It only contains popsicles, though. I wonder if the swirls are supposed to be buckets of ice cream or just
decoration, since they are out of the freezer.
A bicycle is a bicycle, but I would have liked to see an added rear red light, if only to teach kids about safety. And while
we are at it, maybe now is a good time for a new bicycle colour?

Spare parts are all what I call «coins», but in all different shapes and colours.


I don't have another picture of the whole set all together, so here is the first image so you don’t have to
scroll up to the top to view it.
I find that this is a great set (among others)
- to introduce either Lego Friends or simply just Lego to children unfamiliar with the brand or theme
- to buy when on a limited budget or for a friend’s birthday party.
- because it features an interesting selection of parts and colours.

On the other hand, some of the details look like they have been overlooked when designing the set.
Like adding a back light to the bicycle, having a slightly larger picnic table. And why is there yet
another mailbox in the middle of all this? It will probably not bother the average child, but one that
shows an early interest in architecture, city planning or industrial design, I wonder.

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