It’s summer time in Heartlake City! Olivia’s got a new purple bikini top she recently bought at Heartlake Shopping Mall, and
she’s ready to spend the afternoon at the heart-shaped garden pool! Of course she has her sunscreen and an ice cold drink
by her side. After having fun with the slide, she loves to relax sitting in her floating ring while listening to her favorite music!
The friendly turtle comes by, attracted by the cherries Olivia has brought out for a snack.
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Box Art: Front
Box Art: Back
Box Contents: 1 Booklet, 2 Bags, 1 6x8 Plate
Here’s the star of the set: Olivia, accompanied by her adorable turtle friend! This is the third set the green turtle came in, the other two sets being
41019 Turtle's Little Palace and 41059 Jungle Tree Sanctuary.

Olivia is sporting a brand new purple bikini top with the heart motif. It’s really nice to see a new swimwear design with hearts, which is her
signature motif! Olivia is listening to the newest LEGO Friends theme song performed by Andrea!
The back side of Olivia's bikini is simple but cute!

Now, let's build the pool, as Olivia and Turtle are getting anxious to get into the cool water!
First, you build the steps for the slide.
Then attach the pink slide. It’s awfully steep for the short length of the slide, but Olivia and Turtle don't seem to mind as you see in the box arts.

Now let's get the pool ready!
This is about half way done, with the pool base and the round grassy area with the little table and the parasol pole. I like the small stone steps
leading to the pool. The small table top is placed on top of a 1x2 brick, a 1x1 brick in the same color and a bamboo piece. And finally, the pool is
complete! Float the yellow inflatable ball and tube! On the table behind Olivia, there’s a glass of cherries and a bottle of sunscreen.
Extra Pieces. It's nice to have more of those new elements!

Conclusion: This is the newest of the three swimming pool sets in the world of LEGO Friends.
This $10 pool is a bigger set than
3931 Emma’s Splash Pool from 2012, which was initially sold at $5 (in the US).
With the addition of the turtle as well as more accessories and play features, the new version of the backyard pool
probably offers a little more playability than its predecessor. It’s also large enough for one of the other Friends to
join Olivia and Turtle in the pool.

This set is fun on its own, and it can also be a great add-on to either Emma’s or Olivia’s house, as well as to
Heartlake City Pool.

Thanks for reading, and keep building with LEGO Friends!
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The elements that I find interesting include the new star-shaped pink flower hair clip, the new transparent purple sunglasses, and the colorful parasol
piece. I thought the parasol design was perfect for LEGO Friends when I first saw it in one of The LEGO Movie sets!

The flower-shaped 1x1 bracelet plate in Lavender color is new for 2015 and a nice addition. This piece has appeared in red, green, yellow and brown,
and 2 shades of pink so far, and I am quite happy to see it in a new color! I see it's heavily used in the upcoming Elves theme.
There are 82 pieces (plus a few extras) in this set.  New for 2015 is the Flat Tile 2X2 Inverted in Pink (Light Purple), as it's only in this set and
Stephanie's Pizzeria (
41092) so far.