41035 - Heartlake Juice Bar Review

Whether you need a smoothie, a sandwich or a juice, the Heartlake Juice Bar is the place to recharge your batteries! Letís take a closer look at the newest place to be seen in Heartlake City!

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The front of the box shows the build and the two mini-dolls, Andrea and Naya.

The back of the box gives us a closer look at what we can expect to find in the box and highlights some of the play features.

Inside the box is one loose instruction booklet, which has the same main image as the box cover.

The instructions are easy to follow for even the younger fans with parts lists for each step.

The other loose parts in the bag are a 16 x16 plate and 8 x 16 plate in Bright Light Yellow and the sticker sheet.

There are also three bags with parts.

Here are the contents of the first baggie:

We start immediately with a nice selection of parts, food elements and accessories. The 6x6 plates with rounded corner in Bright Light Yellow is new in this colour for 2014, but is not unique to this set, with the Cloud Cuckoo Palace (Set 70803) also having one.  The only piece in this baggie that is unique to this set is the Orange macaroni brick.

A couple of the other highlights for me in Bag 1 are the Red apple, a printed pineapple, two Magenta cherries and two new bottom dome pieces in White (I canít wait to start using those in my MOCs!).

Bag 1 builds the outdoor seating for the Juice Bar, a box for fruit, our two mini-dolls and a couple of pink planter boxes.  The bottom dome pieces are used to create the outdoor seats, which give them a very retro look.

Bag 2 contains lots of interesting parts:

The highlights of the second bag for me are Dark Pink plates and tiles, the Bright Light Orange bricks and the large Trans-Clear panels. There are a number of parts in Bag 2 that are unique to this set, including the corner brick in Bright Light Orange, the 4 x 4 corner plate in Dark Pink and the 2 x 14 plate in Dark Pink, as well as another Orange macaroni brick.

While the 2x8 plate in Dark Pink is not unique to this set, the last time it was included in a set was 1999!

The second bag of parts creates the main structure for the Juice Bar. I love the use of the Dark Pink tiles in combination with the White tiles for the path leading to the front door.

Without having studied the box in detail, I am left wondering what the purpose of the Red 2 x 2 jumper plate is. Similarly, the sticker on the wall panel also looks out of place with the interior completed.

This brings us to the third bag of parts:

Bag 3 continues the theme of a nice selection in a variety of colours. There are a couple of the new swirly top 1x1 round plates in Flat Silver, which are unique to this set. The other highlights here are another pineapple piece, a couple more bottom dome pieces in White, more round corner plates in Dark Pink and a Lime cupboard. I also like the selection of Trans-Clear parts.

The interior of the Juice bar demonstrates the attention to detail that I have come to expect from the Friends range. Lots of interesting details, from the juicer to the blender! We also find out what the Red jumper plate holds, although the box of fruit appears to be sitting on the wrong side of the counter.

A shot of the full set also reveals that the third bag of parts finishes off the main sign on the front of the building.  I like the overall look of the main sign, but I feel that the positioning of the sign on the roof is a little odd and also that the roofline has been left a little unfinished.

Letís take a closer look at the mini dolls, Naya and Andrea:

This is the first time we have met Naya, but you could be forgiven for thinking youíve seen her before. She has Danielleís hair (from the Bakery (41006)), Miaís face (too many sets too mention), Stephanieís ballet top (from her Rehearsal Stage (41004)) and the Lavender skirt that quite a few of the girls share.

Similarly, Andrea is also wearing clothes that we have seen before. Andreaís Magenta top is the same one as Ella is wearing at the Summer Riding Camp (3185), while the Bright Light Orange skirt is the same as the one in Andreaís Bedroom (41009).

There are quite a few spare parts, which seems to be becoming more common. The pick of the bunch in this group are the cherries and the swirly top round plate.

The front of the box shows the outdoor seating area sitting next to the main building. However, there is no means to attach one to the other.   To overcome this, I swapped the 1 x 1 Orange brick and 1 x 2 Orange slope on the outdoor seating section and then used the Bright Pink planter boxes to connect the two parts of the set, as shown above.

Overall, this was a fun little build and itís hard not to smile when you see the beautiful bright colours. The layout of this set is very open, which is great for playability! Itís also has a nice selection of parts, which means it should appeal to both kids and AFOLs!

Thanks for reading!

Note: All exclusive parts mentioned in the colours noted were applicable at the time this review was posted. Parts may be available in other colours and sets after the post of this review. Brickset and BrickLink were use to verify this information.

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By Kristel
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