Box Front

Box Back

Grab your books and let's go to Heartlake High!

Box Contents

Inside the box we get four bags, two instruction booklets, a sticker sheet, a 16x16 tan plate, and two 8x16 tan plates.

Bag 1 Contents

Right away in bag 1 we get some awesome parts. A laptop, basketball hoop, and some plates and tiles in lavender and dark blue.

Exclusive to this set in the first bag:
  • Dark pink backpack/purse
  • Light yellow wall element (8 total - in the other bags as well)
  • Dark blue 1x4 plate with 2 studs (7 total - in the other bags as well)
  • Dark blue 2x3 roof pieces (9 total - in the other bags as well)
  • Lavender 1x8 tiles
  • Stephanie's torso
  • Stephanie's legs
  • Matthew's head
  • Matthew's torso

Bag 1 Build

Stephanie is riding a pretty aqua bike, Matthew is studying on his laptop, and the basketball is waiting to be played with.

Bag 1 Build

I love how they did the bathroom. The toilet and sink are efficiently built so they don't take up a lot of room.

Bag 1 Build

School is pretty exciting so far!

Bag 2 Contents

In bag 2 we get some more exciting blue, lavender and light yellow pieces.

Exclusive to this set in the second bag:
  • Ms. Stevens' hair, head, torso and legs
  • Lavender 1x6 plates (6 total - in the other bags as well)
  • Light yellow 1x2 bricks (4 total - in the other bags as well)
  • Light yellow 1x4 bricks (17 total - in the other bags as well)
  • Light yellow 1x2 "pillar" bricks (8 total - in the other bags as well)

Bag 2 Build

Bag 2 makes the front entrance, hallway, cafeteria, and lockers. I like the cafeteria area with the little sandwiches.

Bag 3 Contents

Bag 3 contains a lovely owl, two books, and some more sweet light yellow pieces.

Exclusive to this set in the third bag:
  • Light yellow 1x1 "pillar" bricks (4 total - in the other bag as well)
  • Lavender 2x3 plate
  • Dark blue 3x4 roof piece (8 total - in the other bag as well)

Bag 3 Build

Bag 3 makes the science lab. I love the telescope, it's really clever. There isn't room for more than two students, so the class sizes remain small.

Bag 4 Contents

Bag 4 has some really nice dark blue roof pieces in it. The paintbrush is an awesome accessory too.

Exclusive to this set in the fourth bag:
  • Paintbrush
(Although it does come in Artist Collectible MiniFigure bag.)

Bag 4 Build

Bag 4 makes a really nice art and music studio. I like the detail of the paint bottles on top of the drawers. The easel is a cute build too.

(I forgot to photograph the roof in the bag 4 build picture, but it is included)

Completed Build Front

Completed Build Back

I really like the color scheme of this build. The dark blue and light yellow work really well together. It's a nice contrast.

Alternate Build - one story

Alternate Build - Three story, Modular

I also love that the school is modular and you can change the style according to your mood. The one story reminds me of a elementary school, while the three story reminds me of a urban high school. It's amazing how a small change can affect the overall look of a building.

Extra Pieces

Wow! 35 extra pieces! I really do love that paintbrush and it's nice to see an extra one.


The minidolls are quite lovely. Stephanie is wearing a classy jacket and skirt ensemble.

A boy! AT LAST! I love the color of Matthew's shirt and it look like a polo. Ms. Stevens looks very professional in her jacket and long skirt. I love that she's wearing glasses and the purple is very nice.

I really feel that this is another win for LEGO fans of all ages. The school could easily fit into a town and there is tons of playability to go around. There are some rare colors that will keep AFOLs interested. This is a beautiful set that, I feel, both boys and girls could play with.
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By tonistokes529

Set # 41005
487 bricks/pieces
Released 2013
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