Other parts that are pretty rare include:
  • - 4x4 quarter round plates in dark pink and in black
  • - 1x6 dark pink tiles
  • - 3L bars in white
  • - floatation rings in black
  • - the same wig as Anna's from Olivia's house (3315)
  • - a variety of medium azure and lavender bricks


This is one of the larger sets for the season, and it does not disappoint. Lego doesn't seem to want to let go of girly stereotype themed
sets and I say good for them. Have you gone to a girl aisle in a toy store lately?
This could be a good present for girls like me who had short hair as a kid. The time for revenge is now!
When it comes to hair styling, nothing beats cutting your favorite doll's hair or, if you have one, practicing on your little sister/cousin.

Nonetheless, I think this set will offer hours of playtime to those who like the theme. And personally, as a builder, I can only
recommend it, since it is packed with great pieces to use in future builds.

I don't mean to be over enthusiastic, but when I like something, I like something!!

Brickset and Bricklink were used to verify new parts information. It is accurate at time of review.
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Welcome to Heartlake Hair Salon. The place to go to find your next cool look. Natasha will help you chose new
cuts and colors and will offer you a variety of accessories. All in a super friendly atmosphere with washing and
styling stations. Don't be shy,  come on in!

The FriendsBricks community wishes to thank TLG’s CEE Team for generous support of this set to review and share with fans.
As we can see from the front of the box, this is a pretty classic building from the Lego Friends theme. Those who remember the
earlier sets might recall the City Park Cafe (
3061), Butterfly Beauty Shop (3187), Heartlake Pet Salon (41007), etc. But look at the
back of the box and see all that is included here. A sink to wash Emma's hair, a reclining chair, some wigs, a mirror to check how
style looks, soda machine, magazines, everything you need to feel like you're in a real hair salon!
We usually start with only one minifig. This time around I guess Natasha's doll is just so cute, they couldn't resist letting us build both
from the start! None of Emma's clothing is new, but Natasha's, ont the other hand…! Even her hair is new, and it appears to be the
exact same haircut as Wyldstyle's in The LEGO Movie, but in blonde!!

Here is a better look at our minidolls:
Now for the actual building of the salon:
We start with the hair styling trolley. Nice and simple, those new scissors accessory are just too cute! I love how they used only the
top part of the 1x2 hinge brick to make it look like smaller wheels!
Here are the contents of bag number 3. I love the color scheme, but would have to say, I think the blue might be one too many colors.
We return to work on the outside of the shop, starting with some slick lighting. Interesting that there would be beauty supplies on an
outdoor display, I guess there are no thieves in Heartlake City! We finish up the sidewalk decorations with two flower plants. Not
only do they fit in new inverted silver domes, but they are attached on what I guess we'll be calling round jumpers!! A round 2X2 tile
with a stud in the middle. Now that's what I call an interesting new part!
We continue with the store top…
I couldn't take photos of all the possibilities of this set, they are so numerous. You can play pretend for each step from the moment
you walk by the shop and go in until you finally leave. There is a brick dollar bill to pay for styling and a brick cent coin to leave a tip.
It's all in there! The wigs are definitely a plus. Emma is so cute in red! complements her green eyes!

Let's start with the pieces that are entirely new to this set.
  • - the hair accessories have come in a variety of colors, but never before in medium lavender.
  • - a few different bricks in the slightly lighter shade lavender: 1x1 bricks (I'm not sure there are even other bricks in that color!);
    1x1x6 pillars; What we at home call "baby curved slopes", sometimes just "babies", in fact 1x2 curved slopes; and modified
    1x3x2 bricks with curved top.
  • - the 4x4 macaroni round brick is new in medium azure
  • - 2 white "round jumpers"
  • - 2 2x2 inverted silver domes
  • - the entire Natasha minidoll (except for her head) and an extra wig
  • - and 3 of the scissor accessory
All photographs are property of FriendsBricks.com
Bag number 1. It looks like we're going to start with the core of the building. I see doors, and windows, and tall bricks.
We now grab our two baseplates and start piling up. Nice medium azure macaroni bricks! And a classy color scheme for the little
stairway! Black and pink, you can't go wrong!
The rest of the build from bag n°1 is fairly simple. Here it is finished with dolls and spare parts. Yes, you're seeing fine, there is a
spare pair of scissors!!
Now for bag n°2. It is a little more colorful than bag n°1. There is a set of purple accessories, two wigs. And yes, there is yet another
pair of scissors in the small parts bag! I'm going crazy over here!
Let's build the inside of the hair salon. A few countertops, including one with a drawer. It even has a few hair clips in it! There is a
2x2 turntable plate. I don't know what it is for yet, but it is becoming a known fact that anything that turns is my favorite kind of
game play!! We'll soon find out!
We add a few accessories to the countertops, build a sink, the register, very important! And finally the wig display. You can't see it
on the photograph, but it rests on a 2x2 tile with pin in the middle, so guess what? It turns too!
This is what we get at the end of bag n°2. Again, I love the combination of black and pink (magenta to be exact) for the reclining chairs!
One of them turns, the other doesn't. I guess you always wash your hair in the same direction, whereas for styling, you need to be able
to move around! There are three magazines to entertain you while you wait. They are not printed, but I'm beginning to be an expert
sticker applier!

For spare parts, it turns out some of the purple accessories will be used later on, so not that many are actually spare.
… and add a super groovy art deco'ish roof top!
And here we are finished with the last detail, the beautiful scissors logo, emblem of the shop and sign of the neat accessories contained
in the box. A few more spare parts.

Open the box to find one booklet and one sticker sheet, two baseplates and three numbered bags. Let's start building!