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Friendship House
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Mia’s Camper Van
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Stephanie’s Sports Arena
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Emma’s Art Café
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Mia’s Tree House
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Andrea’s Park Performance
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Olivia’s Mission Vehicle
LEGO Friends 41332 Emma’s Art Stand
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Stephanie’s Soccer Practice
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Olivia’s Deluxe Bedroom
LEGO Friends 41328 Stephanie’s Bedroom
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Mia’s Bedroom
The LEGO® Friends Friendship House is the ultimate base for special moments between the friends of
Heartlake City—whether starting adventures or enjoying some downtime. This popular kids’ toy features a
kitchen, living room with craft table, bedroom with double-sided TV screen, terrace with speakers, barbecue,
hot tub, juice bar and a lookout tower on the roof. Outside, there's a swing, a bike with a trailer full of tools
and lots of cool features in this converted fire station building including a working pulley, alarm, pole,
slide and a garage with opening door. Includes Olivia, Emma and Andrea mini-doll figures, plus Dash the
dog, Rumble the hamster and Cinnamon the bunny figures.
Features a 4-story converted fire station building with a garage, kitchen, living area, bedroom, roof terrace,
performance terrace, side balcony with barbecue, working pulley system, mailbox, spinning fireman's pole
and a slide, plus a friendship tree with swing and a bicycle with trailer.
Garage features a hamster wheel and tube system.
Kitchen features a refrigerator, microwave, sink, cooker and worktop.
Living room features a craft table with 5 stools and opening cupboards.
Bedroom features 5 beds and a double-sided TV screen/secret mission screen.
Roof terrace features a hot tub, juice bar, music dock and a lookout tower with ladder and telescope.
Accessory elements include 2 walkie-talkies, tools, guitar, popcorn, pizza, teapot, washing-up liquid bottle,
craft box, scissors, artwork tiles, 5 fabric blankets, mp3 player, cocktail glasses and a carrot.
Hangout at the Friendship House with the girls from Heartlake City and enjoy a relaxing day listening to
music in the hot tub, doing crafts with Emma, or cheering on Andrea’s latest musical performance with this
popular kids’ toy.
Use the working pulley to help lift supplies into the house.
Jump into action when a mission comes in, spin the TV in the bedroom around to see the secret mission
screen, and formulate a plan to save the day!
Slide down the fireman's pole, jump on the bike and speed off with Olivia’s trailer full of tools.
Watch the hamster go round on his wheel, give the dog a little swing under the friendship tree, and feed the
bunny a juicy carrot.
Drive to the countryside with Mia and Stephanie for a
camping adventure. Set up the canopy and picnic bench,
then get to work in the kitchen preparing a meal to enjoy
outside. Plan adventures in the inflatable dinghy or take
the friendly horse for a ride. Open the upstairs sleeping
area and tuck the girls in for the night—they can pitch
the tent tomorrow and camp out under the stars.

Includes Mia and Stephanie mini-doll figures, plus an
Aria the horse figure.
Features a camper van with opening roof, a cab to fit 2
mini-dolls, bathroom with toilet and basin, kitchen with
refrigerator, cooker, sink and dining area, folding canopy,
upstairs sleeping area with opening roof, a separate tent
with 2 beds, plus a picnic bench and an outside area with
tree, signposts and feeding station for the horse.
Accessory elements include an inflatable dinghy, riding
helmet, 2 walkie-talkies, 2 hot dogs, fruit bowl with fruit,
‘I love Heartlake City’ mug, cup, drinking bottle, frying
pan, hairbrush, perfume bottle and a basket.
Drive the camper van and find the perfect spot to set up
camp with Mia and Stephanie.
Remove the camper van roof for easy play inside.
Prepare delicious hot dogs in the kitchen and enjoy them
outside under the folding canopy of this cool toy for kids.
Tuck the mini-dolls into their beds in the sleeping area or
tent camp beds.
Put on the helmet and take the horse on an adventure
through the surrounding countryside, or take the
inflatable dinghy out for a ride!
Meet up with Stephanie to keep fit and play some of her favorite sports. Head through the main entrance to
the basketball arena. Practice your aim by pressing the button to shoot basketballs into the net, then take a
seat in the stand to watch Stephanie take on her biggest rival in a tennis match! Grab a taco after the match
and buy a souvenir in your team's colors from the shop upstairs.
Includes Stephanie and Vicky mini-doll figures.
Features a 2-story building with a scoreboard, main entrance downstairs, souvenir shop upstairs and a
hinged spectator stand and taco bar to either side, a tennis game with moving ball function, a basketball
game with shooting function, plus 2 non-functioning floodlights.
Accessory elements include 2 tennis rackets, basketball, trophy, drinks bottle, ‘I love Heartlake City' mug,
taco, sauce bottle, bill, coin, ticket, megaphone and a baseball cap.
Use the cool functions on this great children’s toy to play basketball and tennis in the Sports Arena.
Buy souvenirs and flags in your team colors from the shop.
Help Stephanie battle it out on the tennis court against her rival Vicky to win the trophy.
Emma loves stopping by the Art Café for lunch to bring out her creative side and find inspiration for
her next piece of work. Help her friend Ethan complete his graffiti art on the wall outside, and then
head inside to toast a delicious panini in the machine. Grab a cup of coffee and some cake, pay at the
cash register and then eat inside or in the alfresco art corner.

Includes Emma and Ethan mini-doll figures.
Features a café with hinged art area, panini machine, coffee machine, cash register, seating area,
opening shutters, artwork, price list and a bench outside.
Accessory elements include paint bottles, spray paint bottle, palette, paintbrush, cake, cupcakes,
paninis, ‘I love Heartlake City' mug, bill and a coin.
Head to the Art Café and see Ethan's graffiti masterpiece on the wall outside.
Toast a panini in the machine and check the price list before paying at the cash register with this fun
Enjoy coffee and cake with Emma as she thinks about new ideas for her latest art project.
Help Mia turn her brother’s tree house into the perfect park hangout spot for all her friends.
Pack Daniel’s belongings into a box in the roof before he leaves for college, and help Mia
decorate by putting up pictures of her friends and family. Scramble up the net to the second
floor and use the water gun to keep out any unwanted visitors! Then slide down the zip wire to
visit Mia's bunny Cinnamon in her little house and give her a carrot.

Includes Mia and Daniel mini-doll figures, plus Cinnamon the bunny and Mimi the bird
Features a tree house accessed by ladder or scramble net, attic with opening roof and storage
box, tree trunk with storage box and a bunny house.
Accessory elements include a skateboard, water gun, torch, ghost stories book, artwork tiles,
pizza, ‘I love Heartlake City' mug, board game, map of Heartlake City Park, boomerang, love
letter tile, ball, bird nest, egg and a carrot.
Whizz down the zip wire and then scramble back up the net to the tree house.
Prepare an exciting night in for Mia’s friends with ghost stories by torchlight, board games
and pizza, then discover Daniel’s box of belongings in the attic!
Take the skateboard for a spin in Heartlake City Park, or have fun outside the tree house with
the sports equipment with this great construction toy.
Help animal-lover Mia look after her pet bunny in her house and the cute little bird nesting
in the tree.
Take center stage for an afternoon of performances in Heartlake City Park, starting with a puppet show! Help the dad and his baby sit down on a bench to watch the show,
then press the piano keys at the back of the stage to help the puppets move about! Afterwards, rotate the stage background to help Andrea and her pet bird Pepper put on a
beautiful musical performance together. Then head to the hot dog stand for a snack after the show.

Includes Andrea and Steve mini-doll figures, plus Diana the baby and Pepper the bird figures.
Features a stage with 2 different sets featuring a puppet show with moving puppets or a piano with keys that can be pressed, plus 2 benches, a hot dog stand and a stroller.
Accessory elements include a microphone, balloon, hot dog, price list, bill, baby feeding bottle and a Heartlake City Park map.
Help the dad take his newborn baby for a walk in the stroller, before taking a seat for the super fun puppet show!
Press the piano keys behind the scenes to make the puppets move.
Spin the background around to change the stage set.
Pretend to play the piano as Andrea and Pepper give an amazing musical performance with this fun toy for girls and boys.
Head to Heartlake City Park in Olivia’s Mission Vehicle—there’s a cat
who needs her help! Olivia and her robot Zobo have everything they
need to make sure all is well in Heartlake City. Put Zobo in his rooftop
control center to monitor the situation, while Olivia sets up the ladder
to rescue the little cat from the tree. When he's safe and sound, drive off
to find Olivia's friends—there's room for them all inside!

Includes an Olivia mini-doll figure, plus a buildable Zobo figure and a
Vega the cat figure.
Features a truck-style vehicle with rooftop control center, computer,
secret compartment and a removable roof with room inside for 5 mini-
doll figures, plus a small park scene with a tree.
Accessory elements include a Heartlake City Park map, ladder and a
Jump into the mission vehicle with Olivia and Zobo, and rush to
anyone who needs their help around Heartlake City.
Use the ladder to rescue the little cat from the tree in Heartlake City
Help Zobo keep on top of any situation from his rooftop control center.
Lift off the control center to discover the secret compartment under the
roof of this popular kids’ toy!
Emma is towing her art stand behind her cool little scooter to set up in Heartlake City Park—her favorite
place to paint caricatures. Swing open the windows to show the paintings she has for sale today and help
her operate the cash register. Settle her cat Chico down in his bed for a nap, while Emma sits at the easel
to work on her latest masterpiece—her best friends are always her greatest inspiration!

Includes an Emma mini-doll figure, plus a Chico the cat figure.
Features an art stand trailer that opens up in 3 different ways, and a sales hatch, cash register and a cat
bed, plus a scooter and separate painting area with an easel, stool and a tree.
Accessory elements include a safety helmet, several artwork tiles, price list, Heartlake City Park map, ‘I
love Heartlake City' mug, cookie and a bow.
Help Emma paint pictures of all her best friends in their favorite locations around Heartlake City.
Drive around on the scooter to visit friends or tow the art stand to Heartlake City Park.
Look after Chico and put a cool blue bow on his head.
Open up the art stand in 3 different ways for easy play inside this cool toy for kids.
Keep training with Stephanie at her Soccer Practice in Heartlake City Park, and you’ll soon have the best aim in all of Heartlake! Use the shoot function
to launch the ball toward the goal and then move Stephanie’s platform from side to side to help her make an acrobatic save. You can play on your own or
with a friend! Help puppy Dash fetch the ball, then take a break with a drink and hot dog while checking out the strategy board. Includes a Stephanie
mini-doll figure, plus a Dash puppy figure.
Features a soccer goal with moving goalkeeper platform, soccer ball launcher with shooting function, strategy board and a drinks station.
Accessory elements include a ball, water bottle, hot dog, dog bowl and a bone.
Brush up on tactics at the strategy board, and practice your aim by shooting the ball at the goal.
Ask a friend to control the goalkeeper and then swap roles to see who scores the most with this great children’s toy.
Help puppy Dash run to fetch the ball and give him a bone as a treat.
LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Deluxe Bedroom is set on a pink heart-shaped base and perfectly reflects Olivia’s scientific side. Her robot has a functioning elevator and track system to get to the top of the room, and
there’s a separate breakfast area with a coffee machine that pops the mug out when the coffee is ‘ready'. You'll also find a desk with computer and drawers, swivel chair, rocket-shaped bed and a tablet. This fun
toy includes an Olivia mini-doll figure, plus a buildable Zobito robot figure.
Features a rocket-shaped bed, functioning elevator and track system, a desk with computer, 2 drawers and a swivel chair, plus a separate breakfast area with functioning coffee machine.
Accessory elements include a tablet, coffee cup and a milk bottle.
Help Olivia get to work on her latest invention with her trusty assistant, Zobito.
Use the functioning elevator and track system in this fun toy to help Zobito reach the top of the room, where he powers down at night.
Use the tablet and computer to help Olivia arrange to meet up with friends.
This LEGO® Friends Stephanie’s Bedroom construction toy is set on a blue heart-shaped base and perfectly reflects Stephanie’s sporty personality. It has its own mini golf putting green with a ball and golf club,
a little doghouse, a mobile phone to call friends, an alarm clock and a trophy to show Stephanie's sporting achievements. Includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure, plus a Dash figure.
Features a bed, mini golf putting green, opening drawer, flag, crate for sporting equipment and a doghouse.
Accessory elements include a mobile phone, trophy, alarm clock, golf club, golf ball, water bottle, bag, dog bowl and a bone.
Test your aim on the mini golf course with this great construction toy and keep trying until you get the ball in the hole!
Help Stephanie look after her pet dog and give him a juicy bone.
Put Stephanie in bed to relax after a hard day’s training.
This LEGO® Friends Mia’s Bedroom building toy is set on a green heart-shaped base and perfectly reflects Mia’s outdoorsy spirit. She has a tree house-style bed with steps, a little house for her pet bunny
underneath, a skateboard and ramp to practice new tricks, plus more sporting equipment, bunny treats and a walkie-talkie to keep in touch with her friends. Includes a Mia mini-doll figure, plus a Twister the
bunny figure.
Features a high-sleeper tree house-style bed with steps, skateboard ramp, bunny house and a flag, all set on a green heart-shaped baseplate.
Accessory elements include a skateboard, paddle, walkie-talkie, carrot and a basket.
Care for Mia's pet bunny in her bedroom.
Try out new tricks with the skateboard and ramp, before skating off to see friends around Heartlake City.
Help Mia climb the steps to her amazing tree house bed and tuck her in after a day of adventures with this fun building toy!
Go swimming with Stephanie!

Make a splash wherever you go with Stephanie’s Pool Pod. This portable pod
contains a Stephanie mini-doll figure, a pet dog figure, buildable
pool/swimming equipment and assorted accessory elements to inspire lots
of LEGO® Friends role-play fun.

Features a portable plastic pod in purple with a Stephanie mini-doll figure,
pet dog figure, buildable pool/swimming equipment and assorted accessory
elements inside.

31 pieces
Explore the natural world with Mia!

Take Mia’s Exploration Pod with you wherever you go. This portable
pod contains a Mia mini-doll figure, a pet bunny figure, buildable
nature exploration equipment and assorted accessory elements to
inspire endless LEGO® Friends role-play adventures.

47 pieces
Set up photo sessions with Emma!

Open up a world of creativity with Emma’s Photo Studio
Pod. This portable pod contains an Emma mini-doll
figure, a pet cat figure, buildable photo studio equipment
and assorted accessory elements to inspire endless
LEGO® Friends fun wherever you go.

36 pieces
Get the party started with Andrea!

Prepare for your next exciting gig with Andrea’s DJ
Pod. This portable pod contains an Andrea mini-doll
figure, a pet bird figure, buildable DJ equipment and
assorted disco accessory elements to inspire lots of
LEGO® Friends fun wherever you go.

38 pieces
Aim for the stars with Olivia!

Open Olivia’s Satellite Pod and show off your
scientific side. This portable pod contains an
Olivia mini-doll figure, her pet robot Zobo,
buildable satellite equipment and assorted
accessory elements to inspire exciting LEGO®
Friends adventures wherever you go.

34 pieces