Explore and play in LEGO® Friends Stephanie’s House, featuring a kitchen with bay window,
opening fridge and oven, lounge with television and spiral staircase up to a bedroom with curved
balcony, shower room and an office. Share friendship moments on the swing chair on the porch, and
look after the baby rabbit in his hutch. Includes three mini-doll figures plus a baby rabbit figure.

  • Contains three mini-dolls: Stephanie, her father James and her mother Alicia and the baby bunny named Chili.
  • Contains a modular two-story house with kitchen, veranda, living room, spiral staircase, bedroom, bathroom,
    office and rabbit hutch.
  • On the ground floor there is a hinged door, a hallway with hinged door, a kitchen with a bay window, a hinged
    oven, a hob, an extractor hood, a sink and a table and chair, window sill. A hinged door you will reach the living
    room where a sofa, a coffee table, and televisions.
  • Upstairs there is a bedroom with a bed, desk and folding door to a circular balcony, a shower room with toilet,
    shower and sink, and an office with a desk, swivel chair and laptop.
  • Outside there is a veranda with hammock, can sit on the three pawns, a mailbox and a rabbit hutch.
  • The accessories include a torte, two cupcakes, a frying pan, three plates, a bowl, kitchenware, storage jar, a
    vacuum cleaner for assembling, a shampoo bottle, a bottle of perfume, a brush, two magazines, a basket, a
    carrot, flowers and a vase.
  • Build this beautiful modular house with tinted windows and try according to your ideas.
  • Join Stephanie in the kitchen to work to make you feel pampered all her friends with delicious treats.
  • Help Stephanie mother Alicia, to feed the rabbit baby, while her father vacuuming in the living room.
  • Climbing the open spiral staircase to go up to the balcony and keep it there by guests out. But you can also
    experience wonderful friendship moments on the swing, which stands out on the porch.
Stephanie's House 41314 - 622 bricks
Heartlake Sports Center 41312 - 328 bricks
Get active at the LEGO® Friends Heartlake Sports Center. Inside the sliding entrance door
there are lockers, a gym with a punch bag and gymnastic rings, juice bar, rolling treadmill
and a yoga studio with an exercise bar, weights and a yoga mat. Outside there’s a bike
rack, soccer goal and basketball game with shooting function.

Phew -- now you deserve definitely a drink at the juice bar!

  • Comes with mini-dolls Mia and Robert.
  • In the sports center there are sliding doors, two hinged lockers, a gym with sandbag and rings, a
    juice bar with mixer, a working treadmill, a studio with exercise bar and mirror, a basketball system
    with union function, a football, a bicycle rack and a bicycle.
  • The accessories include balls, a bill, a pineapple, a water bottle, weights and a yoga mat.
  • Help Mia to leave work in the gym, Robert proficient at punching bag.
  • Get the yoga mat out to attend a yoga class in Studio.
  • Try your hand at the throwing function of basketball system to the test.
  • Sit down on the bike and spin around Heartlake City.
Heartlake Pizzeria 41311 - 289 bricks
The LEGO® Friends Heartlake Pizzeria has all the equipment needed to play at
making and baking fresh pizza in the kitchen. Serve them out on the restaurant
balcony, or use the phone to take orders then deliver them with Oliver on the
scooter. There’s even a stand selling basil and tomato plants to happy customers.

Jump onto the scooter and ride the pizzas throughout Heartlake City.

  • Comes with mini-dolls Emma and Oliver.
  • Contains a two story pizzeria and a delivery scooter.
  • On the ground floor the pizzeria there is a kitchen with hinged door and hinged windows, a
    pizza oven, a work surface, a sink, a stove and a cash register and a plant stand. Upstairs is
    the restaurant balcony with tables and stools.
  • The kitchen items and utensils are a pizza base, three pizzas with different toppings, a slice
    of pizza, a pizza paddle, a frying pan, a cheese grater, a bowl, a whisk, a rolling pin, a
    container, a sauce container, and tomato and basil plants.
  • The restaurant Accessories include plates, glasses, a cell phone, a checkout and an invoice.
  • Prepare to the restaurant Kitchen pizzas and use the slider to slide the pizzas in the pizza
  • Take the phone to orders and then sit on the scooter to deliver the ordered pizzas.
  • Help Emma, ​​the guests serving fresh pizzas at the restaurant balcony.
Help Stephanie make a LEGO® Friends Heartlake Gift Delivery, featuring a van and
shop facade with a gift stand, mailbox and a cash register. Select a present from
the stand, pack it into a gift box and then use the hand-truck to help load it into
the van for deliveries all around Heartlake City.

  • Comes with mini-doll Stephanie.
  • Contains a gift delivery, a storefront with hinged door, a mailbox, a cash register and a gift
  • The accessories include a hand truck, two gift boxes, two balloons, two party hats, two
    invitations, flowers, a bill and a coin.
  • Take the order of the customer in the store and then pack up their gifts.
  • Load up the van and then drive the gifts throughout Heartlake City.
Heartlake Gift Delivery 41310 - 185 bricks
Olivia's Creative Lab 41307 - 91 bricks
LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Creative Lab is where Olivia brings her inventions to life!
There’s a desk with a drawing board and opening draw, lots of tools, plus a
docking station with a place for each member of her robot family and monitor to
show the battery power.

  • Comes with Olivia mini-doll and the building bricks for the robotic figures: Zobo, Zuzu
    and Zobito.
  • Contains a bench with drawing board and wind-up drawer, a storage and a docking
    station with monitor and charging bays for three robots.
  • The accessories include a remote control, tools, binoculars, a cup and a feeding bottle.
  • Create yourself as a mini-doll, then together with Olivia and Zobo, work on two new robot
  • Set all three robots for charging on the docking station and play games with them using
    Olivia's remote control.
  • This set is a special LEGO® Friends Friendship followers collection that you can also give
your best friend!
Olivia's Inventor Lab #3933 (2012)
Emma's Photo Studio 41305 - 96 bricks
LEGO® Friends Emma’s Photo Studio has everything Emma needs to take great pictures,
including a backdrop with lights and scenery, camera with tripod, photographic umbrella, desk
with computer and a beauty/grooming station.

Then use the computer to print an image. How does it look?

  • Comes with mini-doll Emma and her cat Chico.
  • Contains a backdrop with lighting and landscape, a tripod, a photo screen, a desk with printer and a
    makeup / grooming station.
  • The accessory includes an SLR, two photographic plates, a flower pot and two flowers as a backdrop, a
    brush, hair jewelry, a perfume bottle and treats for cats.
  • Create a garden setting before the background image and help Chico, so he sits in the flowerpot for funny
  • Help Emma when taking pictures and then print out their best shots with the printer.
  • This set is a special LEGO® Friends Friendship followers collection that you can also give
your best friend!
Stephanie's Friendship Cakes 41308 - 94 bricks
Play at baking delicious cupcakes in the kitchen with this fun LEGO® Friends
Stephanie’s Friendship Cakes set. Take the ingredients from the opening cupboard
and help Stephanie use the mixer, then pop the cakes in the opening oven. Choose
from a range of toppings to decorate the cakes and display them on the turning cake
stand, then wash the dishes in the kitchen sink.

Daisy can not wait to taste the cupcakes!

  • Comes with mini-doll Stephanie and her bunny Daisy.
  • In the bakery, there is a sink, a hinged cabinet with worktop and mixer, a hinged oven with
    hob and a table with rotating cake stand and two stools.
  • The accessories include a bowl, a spoon, a pot, a storage jar, a list, a frosting tool and cupcake
  • Help Stephanie while stirring and open the oven to put in the cupcakes to bake.
  • Use the toppings to decorate the cupcakes that you then put on the rotating cake stand.
  • This set is a special LEGO® Friends Friendship followers collection that you can also give your
    best friend!
Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery #3930 (2012)
Andrea's Musical Duet 41309 - 86 bricks
Play and perform with LEGO® Friends Andrea’s Musical Duet. Pop Cleo the parrot on the
revolving bird stand, then help Andrea sound check her electric guitar and stand at the
microphone. Give a great performance with Andrea and Cleo, turning the revolving stage for
an added special effect.

  • Comes with mini-doll Andrea and her parrot Cleo.
  • Includes a rotating stage with lighting and microphone stand, a rotary bird-stand with lighting and
    microphone stand, two buildable loudspeaker and a music stand.
  • Accessories include a guitar, two microphones and a music sheet.
  • Help Andrea and Cleo, so they have a wonderful duet performing on stage.
  • Push the turntable and rotate the bird-stand to go with an outstanding appearance.
  • This set is a special LEGO® Friends Friendship followers collection that you can also give
your best friend!
Andrea's Stage #3932 (2012)
Emma's Fashion Design Studio #3936 (2012)
Mia's Beach Scooter 41306 - 79 bricks
Find the best surf spots in LEGO® Friends Mia’s Beach Scooter with
sidecar, then use the two surfboards to catch some waves with Toffee
the Pug before relaxing with a drink of water, and using the binoculars
to look out to sea.

  • Comes with mini-doll Mia and the Pug Dog named Toffee.
  • Contains a purple beach scooter with a sidecar and a beach backdrop with
  • The accessory includes a helmet, two surfboards, flippers, a crab, a pair of
    binoculars, a water bottle and a dog ribbons.
  • Get on the scooter and releasing the pug Toffee in the sidecar.  There is even
    room for a surfboard!
  • Recover after your ride in a comfortable lookout and use the binoculars to
    watch Toffee surfing!
  • This set is a special LEGO® Friends Friendship followers collection that you
    can give your best friend!
Heartlake Summer Pool 41313 - 589 bricks
The LEGO® Friends Heartlake Summer Pool is the place to be when the sun is shining, with
a long slide into the water, springing diving board and a swim-up bar for a refreshing
drink. There’s an outdoor shower behind the aquarium as well as a block with restroom,
lifeguard stand, and a hot tub with day bed for a truly relaxing experience.

Play with the Friends from Heartlake City, if you want to experience fun in the summer!

  • Comes with mini-dolls Andrea and Martina.
  • The pool there is a pool, a hot tub, a relaxation area with deck, a locker and a high chair for the
  • Swimming pool includes a curvy slide, a resilient springboard, a floating tire, an air mattress, an
    aquarium, a shower, a TV screen, two speakers, a fountain and a bar on the pool deck. Steps lead to
    the relaxation area with hot tub down.
  • The locker has swinging doors, a toilet, a sink and hinged locker.
  • The accessories include a ball, glasses, cherry, a pineapple, a bill, a newspaper, a basket and an ice
  • Help Andrea so she dares to jump off the diving board into the pool!
  • Take pleasure climbing up to the balcony then slide down again.  Then Swim over to the bar to
    drink some juice.
  • In the rest area you will find a hot tub and deck to relax.
Celebrate LEGO Friends 5th Birthday!  
Puppy Pampering 41302
Puppy Playground 41313
Puppy Championship 41300
Puppy Parade 41301
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Put Lara in the bath and wash her thoroughly with dog shampoo, then transfer her on the puppy stool
in front of the mirror to brush her while the fan blows to continue drying her fur.
For the grand finale you give her a juicy bone!
Practice dog agility tricks all day with Sky the puppy in the LEGO® Friends Puppy Playground, featuring a
tilting seesaw, jump with knockable bar, and big hoop jump with a bone as a reward!
Puppy Tricks and Treats 41304
Have hours of fun playing with Cookie the puppy on his skateboard and practicing all sorts of skills. Treat
him with the bone or dog biscuit before lying him down in his doghouse for a well-earned rest with LEGO®
Friends Puppy Tricks & Treats.
Join Mia and her puppies for a LEGO® Friends dog show. With grand entrance doors, a revolving turntable,
agility seesaw and a jump with knockable bar, the dogs can show off their skills all day long. There are steps
up to a judging platform and a fun slide, microphone, and grooming and feeding stations.
Drive the Puppy Parade limo, with its cute doggy features and space inside for all of the LEGO® Friends
puppies you’ve collected. Arrive at the podium to award Apollo with the golden puppy trophy, and catch
it all on the TV camera with Andrea presenting on the microphone.
Hedgehog Storage 40171
Friends Hobby Sets
Friendship Heart Collection
Surfin' !
Build a big version of the cute hedgehog animal figures you can find in LEGO® Friends sets. Add a
big blue and pink bow to accessorize, or build it without. Then lift off the top of the hedgehog to
find a handy storage compartment inside.
  •    Looks just like the tiny hedgehog figures from LEGO® Friends sets.
  •    Lift off the top to find a storage compartment inside.
  •    This set includes over 240 pieces.
  •    Measures over 2” (7cm) high, 4” (11cm) wide and 3” (9cm) deep.