LEGO Friends Party Train - 41111 - hamster on the train
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LEGO Friends Birthday Party - 41110 - decorating
LEGO Friends Birthday Party - 41110 - Violet with gift
LEGO Friends Birthday Party 41110
Fun swing for
Violet and Daisy!
LEGO Friends Party Train - 41111 - Stephanie with gift
LEGO Friends Party Train - 41111 - mailbox and hamster
LEGO Friends Party Train 41111
LEGO Friends Party Cakes 41112
LEGO Friends Party Gift Shop 41113
LEGO Friends Emma's Creative Workshop - 41115 - Emma at window desk
LEGO Friends Emma's Creative Workshop - 41115 - Emma
LEGO Friends Emma's Creative Workshop - 41115 - window desk
LEGO Friends Emma's Creative Workshop - easle
LEGO Friends Emma's Creative Workshop - 41115 - sewing machine
LEGO Friends Olivia's Exploration Car 41116
LEGO Friends Olivia's Exploration Car
Drive to the observatory to use the telescope
Use your new
Laptop to report
your findings!
LEGO Friends Heartlake Cupcake Cafe 41119
LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Archery - 41120 - box
LEGO Friends
Adventure Camp Archery
LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Rafting - 41121 box
LEGO Friends animal Bear
LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Rafting 41121
Signpost to Adventures
Andrea and Olivia enjoy the raft together, watch out for that falling branch!
Olivia on the rock climbing wall
Tent at camp site
Inside the Treehouse
Hinges open for
easy play access
Tire swing!
Joy in the kitchen with healthy snacks ... look who smells them too -- >
Treehouse accessories
Emma on an balance course!  Looks like Ninja Warrior style!
LEGO Friends Pop Star TV Studio 41117
Sharing fashion tips, News, and Lunch!
After saying goodbye to Andrea, Livi
cleans up the kitchen then relaxes
with her puppy Cookie
Top floor module
Bottom floor module hinges open
Modules all together, hinged section open to Kitchen
LEGO Friends Heartlake Supermarket 41118
LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Treehouse 41122
LEGO Friends Livi's Pop Star House 41135
It's Modular -- check out the sections you build!
What a clever spot!
The LEGO Friends Olivia's Exploration Car Building Toy Set 185 Pieces -
41116 Features:

  • Includes an Olivia mini-doll figure plus Zobo the robot
  • Features a blue and pink SUV-style car that seats 2 mini-dolls
  • Includes an observatory tower with a ladder up to the telescope
and turning platform, plus a stand-up board with a sky map
  • Accessory elements include a computer, magnifying glass,
sticky notes and a cup for hot chocolate
  • Sit Olivia and Zobo the robot in the car and pack it with everything
you need for a night of stargazing
Olivia and Andrea are on an Adventure Camp excursion to the river for a climbing and rafting challenge.
Head to the climbing wall and see how fast you can reach the top, then put on your life jacket and brave the
rapids in the boat. Watch out for falling trees and the bear fishing in the river! Did you beat the clock and win
the trophy? Then share stories by the fire and settle down in the tent.

The LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Rafting Building Toy Set 320 Pieces - 41121 Features:

  • Includes Andrea and Olivia mini-doll figures in sportswear, plus a bear

  • Features a river bridge area and a camping area

  • River bridge area features a rafting boat with seats and oars, buildable bridge with finish clock,
falling tree function, climbing wall, campfire and a river rock with checkered flag

  • Camping area features a buildable plastic fabric tent with 2 beds and a bench with camp signpost

  • Adventure sports accessory elements include a helmet, 2 life jackets, flags and a trophy
LEGO Friends animal Bear
LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Rafting Olivia and Andrea roasting marshmallows
Olivia and Andrea roasting marshmallows
Zobo, Olivia's robot
Zobo can help in the discovery too!
Olivia's SUV car is all packed up with her
computer and robot friend Zobo, she thinks
she has discovered a new constellation!
Rush with her to the observatory on top of
Heartlake City Hill.
Study the sky map then climb up
to the observation tower to look
through the telescope.
Can you see it? It's heart-shaped!
Now have a hot chocolate while
Olivia writes a new science-blog
Program Zobo to bring your hot chocolate
Observatory rotates
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Emma's Creative Workshop 41115
Design and create with Emma in her sewing workshop!

Emma is sewing beautiful hair bows to sell on her e-shop. Check the sewing pattern on her whiteboard and
use the sticky notes to add changes or new ideas. Then it’s time to get cutting, but which color will make
the nicest bows? Get to work at the sewing machine to help Emma turn her designs into beautiful creations
ready to buy—she just needs to take pictures and upload them to her website.
  • Includes an Emma mini-doll figure.
  • Features a desk with a sewing machine and opening drawers, chair, lamp, whiteboard with bow patterns
and a computer desk with a window and flowerpot.
  • Accessory elements include fabric bricks of different colors, threads, scissors, 5 bows, sticky notes, camera and a computer.
  • Open the desk drawers to find colorful fabric bricks to create the bows.
  • Choose the right thread and place it on the sewing machine.
Shop for groceries and treats to fill your trolley!

It’s time for Mia’s weekly shop, so join her at Heartlake Supermarket and grab a trolley from
the trolley park. Explore the aisles together—what will you buy today? Pick up some fresh
fruit and vegetables, breakfast cereals and sushi before you head to the bakery corner where
Daniel is offering fresh cookies for tasting. Don’t forget to stop at the beauty stand before you
go to the checkout!
Go grocery shopping with Mia at Heartlake
Supermarket—swivel it open to find aisles,
counters and stands packed with grocery
accessories. Includes Mia and shop
worker Daniel mini-doll figures.
The Supermarket features a fruit display, breakfast aisle, fish display, meat and cheese counter, fridge, bakery counter,
turning beauty stand and a checkout with candy display.
  • Outside the Supermarket is a stand selling newspapers and flowers, a fruit crate and a trolley park with rolling trolley.
  • Food accessory elements include a watermelon, pineapple, cherries, grapes, lemon, orange, breakfast cereal, orange
    juice, marmalade, chocolate, chicken leg, cheese, fish, sushi, apple pies, cookies, cupcakes, milk, bottles and cans.
  • Shopping accessory elements include a coin, bill, aisle flag, shopping list, scales, tongs, bag, newspaper and flowers.
  • Beauty accessory elements include a brush, lipstick, a bow and 2 perfume bottles.
  • Take a trolley from the trolley park and roll it through the supermarkets aisles.
  • Use the tongs to display the cakes and cookies at the bakery counter.
  • Turn the beauty stand to pick out a gift for a friend.
Features a 1-story supermarket
building with opening doors and
swivel function to open up the
model for easy play inside.
Enjoy a delicious baked treat at the Heartlake Cupcake Café!

Help Naomi the waitress prepare delicious cupcakes for her customers. Turn the window display to choose the prettiest ones and sit
outside with Stephanie on the patio to devour them with a cup of tea! Pet the friendly cat before going back to work. Take a telephone
order and then head off on Naomi’s scooter to deliver cute cupcakes all over Heartlake City!

  • Includes Stephanie and waitress Naomi mini-doll figures, plus a cat.
  • Features a 1-story Cupcake Café with opening door to a bakery and shop area, including an opening oven with tray, mixer,
coffee machine, cash register, sofa and table and a rotating window display.
  • Outside is a patio area with table and chairs, and a menu blackboard.
  • Includes a scooter with safety helmet to deliver cakes all over town.
  • Baking accessory elements include various cupcakes and toppings, baking tray and cake stands.
  • Café accessory elements include a teapot, cups, flowers, phone, coin and a bill.
  • Open up the oven to take out the tray of freshly baked cupcakes.
  • Mix and match the different cupcake toppings to create the perfect cakes and place them on the revolving display.
  • Take orders over the phone and then hop on the scooter to deliver them.
Try all the cupcakes at Heartlake City’s cutest hangout
with baking accessories, revolving display, oven,
delivery scooter and outside patio area.
Hit the target to help Mia win the archery trophy!
Mia has her eye on the archery trophy so head down to the range to help polish her skills. Keep practicing until she hits the target every time! Have a sandwich under
the shelter for lunch and look out for forest wildlife — Jojo the hedgehog has come to say hello!
Then draw the bow again and aim for the apple — are you ready to win the trophy?

  • Includes a Mia mini-doll figure in sportswear plus Jojo the hedgehog.
  • Features an archery range with a knock-over target, a bow with shooting function, a shelter with a chair to rest on and a den for the hedgehog.
  • Accessory elements include a trophy, flag, apple, sandwich, bottle of water, cherries and a barrel with projectiles.
  • Fire the bow to hit the target and knock it over.
  • Sit on the chair in the shade to enjoy a lunchtime sandwich.
Flick-action crossbow
really shoots!
Challenge and adventure await at the Camp Tree House!
Join Emma and Stephanie at the Camp Tree House for a crazy climbing challenge! The camp leader, Joy, with her tamed eagle Elvis, will guide you as you scale the climbing wall over the waterfall.
Then use your balance to master the turning bridge and reach the treetops. You did it! Now whizz down the slide to catch a fish and cook it in the kitchen for supper with your friends, then tuck up
in bed before another adventure tomorrow.

  • Includes Stephanie, Emma and Joy the camp leader mini-doll figures in sportswear, plus an eagle and a fox.
  • Features a Camp Tree House on 3 levels with living space, waterfall, turning bridge obstacle, tire swing, vine, slide and a climbing wall.
  • The living space opens up and features opening windows, a kitchen with opening cupboard, sofa and stairs to an opening roof space for sleeping.
  • Outdoor accessory elements include a helmet, trophy, flags, fishing rod and a camera.
  • House accessory elements include a book, saucepan, cup, chicken leg, marmalade and a lamp.
  • Swing the Tree House open and open the roof for easy play inside.
  • Put on your helmet and use the grips on the climbing wall to make it to the trophy.
  • Balance on the turning bridge and jump on the tire swing to reach the treetop platform.
  • Use the camera to take a picture of the fox hidden in its natural habitat.
  • Take hold of the fishing rod while Joy and her tame eagle Elvis teach you how to fish.
  • Open the cupboards to find food and cook a meal in the kitchen.
  • Climb the stairs to rest in the beds under the opening roof.
Spend a day with Andrea at Livi’s glamorous house!
Andrea has been invited to spend the day with Livi at her gorgeous Pop Star House, and
you can go too! Have a shower in the slick black and gold en suite and then pick a real
fabric skirt from the wardrobe to put on. Enjoy the view from the balcony or relax by
the pool with Cookie the dog. Later, make some sushi in the state-of-the-art kitchen and
chill out in the living room by the modern fireplace.

  • Includes Livi and Andrea mini-doll figures plus Cookie the dog.
  • Features a modular 2-story house with swivel function for easy play inside.
  • Lower floor features a sliding door to a modern kitchen with an opening fridge,
    sink, opening cupboard and counter with 2 stools, and a lounge area with sofa,
    lamp, television and a modern fireplace.
  • Upper floor features a bedroom with a double bed, opening wardrobe, vanity,
    TV/surveillance screen and an en suite bathroom with a walk-in shower, sink
    and a toilet plus opening door to a balcony.
  • Garden area features steps up to the house, a swimming pool, sun loungers, dog
    bed and a moveable surveillance camera.
  • Kitchen accessory elements include ice cream, fruit, croissant, sushi, 2 plates,
    glasses cooking accessories and dish soap.
  • Lifestyle accessory elements include a magazine, platinum reward disc, guitar,
    parasol, rubber ring, roller skates and a TV/surveillance screen.
  • Beauty accessory elements include 3 fabric skirts, shoe box, lipstick, hair bow,
    soap and a perfume bottle.
  • Remove the upper floor and swivel this modular house open for easy play inside.
  • Choose from the real fabric skirts hanging in Livi’s wardrobe.
  • Reverse the TV screen to check the surveillance camera footage.
Join the fun at a birthday party for Andrea’s pet rabbit!

Andrea has sent invitations to all her friends’ pets for the birthday of her rabbit Jazz!
Help her decorate the garden for the party while Daisy and Violet the bird have fun
on the swing. Then Andrea and Violet take the stage for a special performance. Time
to put the birthday hat on and enjoy the enormous carrot cake before giving Jazz her
birthday gift!

  •  Includes an Andrea mini-doll figure plus Daisy the rabbit and Violet the bird.
  •  Features a garden birthday party scene with a table, stools, birthday chair,
    giant birthday cake, swing and a performance stage with revolving function
    and a piano.
  •  Accessory elements include fairy lights, 2 balloons, 3 party hats, gift, party
    invitation, hair bow, 2 glasses and a microphone.
  •  Push the rabbit and bird gently on the swing.
  •  Put on a performance at the piano and dance on the revolving stage.
  •  Put on a party hat and sit at the table to eat the carrot cake.
Look in the mailbox—Heidi and Harry the hamsters have been
invited to a birthday party!
Stephanie has attached wagons to her bike and loads them up with balloons, a
birthday gift and party hats while the hamsters have fun on their playground.
Now it’s time for the tiny hamsters to hop onto the Party Train and off to the
party they go!

  • Includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure plus Heidi and Harry the hamsters.
  • Features a bicycle with turning wheels and 3 attachable wagons to pull
    along, as well as a hamster playground with a slide and an opening mailbox.
  • Accessory elements include a party invitation, birthday gift, hair bow, 3
    party hats, 2 balloons and a hamster food bowl.
  • Open the mailbox to find the party invitation.
  • Join the carriages to the bike, help the hamsters get on board, then pull
    them along to the party.
Make a birthday cake with the Pug dog!

Toffee the Pug has been invited to a birthday party.
Get into the kitchen and help make a cake for him to take along!
There’s everything you need in the fridge and cupboard.
Then pop on a party hat and you’re ready to go, but first give Toffee a
bone to make sure he doesn’t eat the cake before you get there!

  • Includes Toffee the Pug.
  • Features a kitchen counter with opening fridge and cupboard,
    and a table with stool.
  • Accessory elements include a party invitation, gift, balloon,
    party hat, cake, plate, mixing bowl, cookies, cherries, bottle,
    baking ingredients, marmalade and a bone.
  • Open the fridge to find all sorts of cake ingredients inside.
  • Use the food brick elements to build the perfect birthday cake.
Grab a birthday gift with the baby bunnies!

The baby bunnies are invited to a birthday
party, so help them find a gift. Open up the
shop shutters and choose a gift to put in the
gift box. Well done! Now they can play on
the see-saw and enjoy some tasty carrots
before they head to the party.

  • Includes 2 baby bunnies: Minu & Mini
  • Features a gift shop with opening
    shutters and cash register, and a mini
    playground with functioning see-saw.
  • Accessory elements include a bill and
    coins, 2 bows, cherries, 2 carrots, 2
    party hats, balloon, gift box and a
    party invitation.
  • Open up the shutters of the Party Gift
    Shop and serve the customers at the
    cash register.
  • Play with the bunnies on the
    functioning see-saw and give them
    carrots as a special treat.
Film the new music video for pop star Livi!

Lights… camera… action! Livi is on set shooting the music video for her next big single. Help her polish
off her moves, then work the camera and move the slider for an amazing background change. Head back
to the studio later that evening where there’s a new set and Livi is performing at a glitzy awards
ceremony—but will she win the award for Best Artist and give a speech?

  • Includes a Livi mini-doll figure.
  • Features a TV Studio with steps up to the reversible set featuring an awards ceremony on one side
    and a music video set with changing background function on the other.
  • Includes a buildable film camera, adjustable spotlights, speakers and a monitor.
  • Accessory elements include a microphone, clapper board, 2 water jets and an award.
  • Slide a different background across and choose the props to change the set for the music video.
  • Turn the set around to host an awards ceremony where Livi is nominated.
Wash and groom Jewel to get ready for the

Jewel the cat has been invited to a birthday
party! She can’t wait to get ready. Give her a
wash in the bath with the shampoo, then sit
her at the mirror to groom her. Then give her
some fish, her favorite food, to keep her
going until it’s time to leave for the party!

  • Includes Jewel the cat.
  • Features a rotating beauty platform
    with bath on one side and a mirror
    stand on the other.
  • Accessory elements include a party
    invitation, gift, balloon, party hat,
    shampoo bottle, brush, bow, plate and
    a fish.
  • Rotate the platform for the complete
    grooming experience.
LEGO Friends Party Styling 41114
LEGO Friends Party Styling 41114
Carrot Cake!
LEGO Friends Party Train - 41111 - Stephanie with invitation
LEGO Friends Party Train - 41111 - hamster on playground
LEGO Friends Party Train 41111
LEGO Friends Emma-s Creative Workshop - 41115 - box
Emma has added her
designs to her e-shop!
LEGO Friends Olivia's Exploration Car - 41116 - box
In 2012 Andrea had a pet rabbit named Jazz.