LEGO Friends Olivia's Garden Pool 41090
Heartlake Hair Salon 41093
LEGO Friends Emma's House 41095
LEGO Friends Emma's House 41095
LEGO Friends Vet Ambulance 41086
LEGO Friends Mia's Roadster 41091
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LEGO Friends Animal Care Clinic 41085
LEGO Friends Little Foal 41089
LEGO Friends Puppy Training 41088
LEGO Friends Little Foal 41089
LEGO Friends Bunny and Babies 41087
LEGO Friends Bunny and Babies 41087
LEGO Friends Puppy Training 41088
Bunny and Babies
2015 is the year we go from Animal Packs (sometimes called Foil packs) and have collectible animals come in small boxes; below are the first of this series.
Puppy Training
Little Foal
LEGO Friends Mia's Sportscar 41091
Mia's Roadster
LEGO Friends Medical Chart
LEGO Friends Emma's House - inside TV room
Emma's House
LEGO Friends Stephanie's Pizzeria 41092
LEGO Friends Mia's Sportscar - open trunk
LEGO Friends Stephaie's Pizzeria 41092
Heartlake Hair
Salon (41093)
An Art Deco architecture style of salon shop building.
There's a fun new way to build scissors as a store sign, as well as new silver scissors as an element.
Natasha's torso is new and her hairpiece is a blonde version of Wyldstyle's (from The LEGO Movie).
LEGO Friends Olivia's Garden Pool 41090
LEGO Friends Stephanie's Pizzeria - Scooter
Stephanie's Pizzeria
Stephanie on her scooter
delivering a pizza!
Olivia's Garden Pool
LEGO Friends Vet Clinic 41085
Vet Clinic
LEGO Friends Vet Ambulance 41086
Vet Ambulance
  • Includes a Mia mini-doll figure plus a cat and a dog
  • Features a Vet Clinic, animal playground and a rolling trolley
  • Animal playground features a turning carousel and a beauty stand
  • Accessories enhancing play includes medical tool & accessories, brush, shampoo and a vet sign
  • Combine with the 41086 Vet Ambulance for the complete animal healthcare experience
Care for animals at the LEGO Friends Vet Clinic with Mia mini-doll, cat, dog, animal playground, sliding x-ray scanner
and medical trolley.  Box Contains
192 pieces
  • Includes 3 mini-doll figures: Emma, mom Charlotte and dad Luis, plus her pet bird
  • Features a modular house with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, attic room, roof
    terrace, balcony, garden and a bicycle
  • Kitchen features an opening fridge, opening dishwasher, sink, drawer, hob, table with 3 chairs
    and a lamp
  • Living room features a sofa, coffee table and a flat-screen TV
  • Bedroom features a bed, vanity table with mirror and a sliding balcony door

Get creative at LEGO Friends Emma's House, a modular building with kitchen, living room  
bathroom, bedroom, roof terrace, garden and bike.  
LEGO Friends Heartlake Lighthouse - inside Ice Cream Shop
LEGO Friends Heartlake Lighthouse 41094
LEGO Friends Emma's House - inside Kitchen and Dining rooms
Heartlake Lighthouse
Inside the Lighthouse & shop you can see the ice cream counter, ladder to
the attic (or move it to get to the secret room with map), and bathroom --  
all accessible for creative play!
Enjoy a perfect afternoon by the sea at the iconic Heartlake Lighthouse!
Build this with the
473 bricks & pieces in the box, then Stephanie is
going to visit her friend Kate in the ice cream shop there. Help her pick
an ice cream - there are so many flavors to choose from - and enjoy it
on the pier in the sunshine.
Head to the bathroom to freshen up and discover the ladder. Where does
it lead to?
Go exploring with Stephanie and find the secret room with a treasure
map to start more adventures! Look out from the top of the lighthouse
with the binoculars and spot the friendly seal sitting on a rock.
Then climb into the row boat and head out to take pictures of it.
After a day of fun with her friend, have a rest with Kate in the attic
bedroom by lantern light.
Which friends will come to visit for an ice cream tomorrow?

Create another perfect summer afternoon at the LEGO Friends Heartlake
Lighthouse with an ice cream shop, pier, row boat and a friendly seal.
LEGO Friends Heartlake Hot Air Balloon 41097
LEGO Friends Heartlake Hot Air Balloon 41097
LEGO Friends Heartlake Lighthouse 41094
Heartlake Hot Air Balloon
  • Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Andrea and Noah
  • Features a Hot Air Balloon with basket and a picnic spot with a waterfall and tree
  • Soar above Heartlake City on a beautiful Hot Air Balloon ride
  • Set up a delicious picnic and toast marshmallows on the campfire
  • Accessories: sandbags, picnic blanket with plate, camp fire,
marshmallows, treasure map, binoculars and a medallion

Take the LEGO Friends Heartlake Hot Air Balloon for an amazing tour of the city, with   
waterfall, picnic set and hidden treasure.

Box Contains
254 pieces
LEGO Friends Heartlake Hair Salon - inside view
Heartlake Hair Salon 41093
Inside the salon
  • Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Emma and Natasha the stylist
  • Create new cool looks at the trendy Heartlake Hair Salon!
  • Choose from 2 wigs as new hairstyles and plenty of cool hair
  • Help Emma relax in the reclining chair and wash her hair in the sink
  • Features washing station with basin, styling station with mirror and
    drawer, rolling trolley and accessories displays

The LEGO Friends Heartlake Hair Salon includes washing and styling
stations, reclining chair, hair accessories, stylist's tools and wigs.
Box Contains
318 pieces
  • Includes a Mia mini-doll figure
  • Features Mia's Roadster with opening trunk, eco-pump with flexible hose, washing station and a
    repair stand with opening drawer
  • Accessories include a pair of sunglasses, handbag, gas station sign, 2 water buckets, soap bottle,
    foam, cloth and various car tools
Get out and about with Mia in her funky blue Roadster.  It's a beautiful day in Heartlake City, so Mia puts on
her shades and heads off to meet her friends. But first, head to the gas station to fill up with special eco-fuel.
Top off the oil and check the car over with the tools at the repair stand, then help Mia wash her car to make
it super shiny.  Box Contains
187 pieces.
  • Includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure
  • Features a scooter with delivery box, counter, pizza oven, table and 2 stools
  • Accessories include a pizza paddle, 2 pizzas, salad bowl, 2 glasses, water bottle, phone, check, coin and a crash helmet
  • Cook delicious pizzas in the oven ready for the LEGO Friends to eat
  • Deliver takeout around Heartlake City on the scooter
Take care of the orders at LEGO Friends Stephanie's Pizzeria, with delivery scooter, counter, oven and Stephanie mini-doll.
Box Contains
87 pieces
  • Includes an Olivia mini-doll figure and a turtle
  • Features a heart-shaped pool, adjustable slide with stairs, MP3 player, parasol, table and a floating ring.
  • Accessories include a pair of sunglasses, 2 glasses, ball, cherries, sunscreen and a hair flower
  • Put on some sunscreen and relax by the pool in the sunshine
  • Go for a dip to cool down and have fun on the slide with the turtle
Slide into LEGO Friends Olivia's Garden Pool with a heart-shaped pool, turtle, adjustable slide, parasol,
floating ring and an MP3 player.  Box Contains
82 pieces
  • Includes an Emma mini-doll figure plus a hedgehog
  • Features a Vet Ambulance with rolling wheels, stretcher and a bush with mini-slide
  • Accessories include a feeding bottle and hair bow
  • Play with the little hedgehog on his slide in the bush
  • Rush to the rescue with the Vet Ambulance
Rescue animals in the LEGO Friends Vet Ambulance with Emma mini-doll, a hedgehog, stretcher,
water bottle and a hair bow.
Box Contains 89 pieces
  • Includes mother bunny and 2 baby bunnies
  • Features a garden enclosures, liftable ramp, opening gate, water dispenser and a vegetable patch
  • Accessories include a carrot, radish, feeding bottle, hair bow and a basket
  • Look after the baby bunnies and use the feeding bottle help them grow stronger
  • Feed the bunnies with vegetables from the vegetable patch
Build LEGO Friends Bunny & Babies with mommy bunny and 2 babies, a garden enclosure, ramp, vegetable
patch, basket and a feeding bottle.  
Box Contains 47 pieces
  • Includes a puppy
  • Features a seesaw, water jump, tree and a dog bed
  • Accessories include cones, stick, dog treats & box, bone, bowl, water bottle and a bow
  • Teach the puppy to bring back a stick and lots of other clever tricks
  • Jump the water jump and run over the seesaw
Play with LEGO Friends Puppy Training including a puppy, seesaw, water jump, cones, dog bed,
bowl and lots of treats for a clever pup!  
Box Contains 65 pieces
  • Includes a foal
  • Features a buildable stable with opening doors, fence and a water trough
  • Accessories include a feeding bottle, hay bricks and a brush
  • Build a cute stable for the newborn foal
  • Bottle feed the foal to help it grow stronger
Look after LEGO Friends Little Foal with a stable, opening gates, fence, water trough with faucet, feeding bottle and a brush. Box Contains 43 pieces
Still within the Vet sub-theme, we have additional smaller animal sets to complement the Clinic:
Continuing their love of caring for animals, this year has more sets in a Veterinarian sub-theme; which are noted by boxes with aqua blue flanges -- instead of the traditional purple.
See a LEGO fan's Modification of this set!
The family TV room with Emma's parents: Charlotte and Luis.
Inside Emma's House Kitchen and  Dining room.
Box Contains 706  pieces