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Emily is back in Elvendale, and this time she and her elven friends have the new adventure involving dragons!
The baby wind dragon has just been born, and Emily has to teach her to start flying right away!

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by Maya
Box Contents: 1 Booklet, 2 Bags
The booklet contains some beautiful artwork depicting scenes from this year’s storyline. I’m a great fan of this artist whoever he
or she is!
Another page from the booklet shows all the six sets that have just been released!
Each dragon (except Miku) is exclusive to a particular set, so that means you will have to collect all the sets if you want all the dragons.
The larger bag contains the adorable baby dragon and the special egg pieces.
The smaller bag comes with a few printed pieces including the bar of chocolate and the round grass patches. All parts of Emily
except her hair show brand new prints.
Meet Fledge, the baby wind dragon!
The transparent purple egg is so lovely and looks mystical with a surface like a cut gemstone.
Here’s Fledge accompanied by her baby dragon pals: Miku and Spark.  [Miku came with 2015's Aira's Pegasus Sleigh, Spark in 2016's The Starlight Inn]
Fledge and Miku are girls and have the longer eyelashes than the boy dragon Spark. The new baby dragons from this year like
Fledge and Spark have transparent details and gold horns.
Another character included in this set is Emily Jones.
This year, Emily has a bigger smile on her face. She has a brand new outfit on, but she is still wearing her grandmother’s necklace.
Of course, without it, she would not be able to come to Elvendale.
Emily from 2016 and 2015. Doesn’t she look more confident than a year ago?
Emily got a basket with cherries. She also has some chocolate, and it’s supposed to lure the baby dragon out of the nest.
Last year, chocolate chip cookies came in handy when the Elves and Emily tried to lure Miku and got her to release the portal
key from her mouth.
So Emily knows just what to do to help Fledge learn to fly.
Now let’s build the little area with Fledge’s nest by a little stream among the rocks.  This is from Building Steps 6 to 9.
The flipping function of the stepping stone is added at Step 11.
And these show Steps 13, 15 and 21, revealing what's underneath the nest.
Once all the pieces have been put in place, this is what it looks like at Step 27.  In this image, the stepping stone in the water is
flipped upside down.
This flipping function is supposed to help teach Fledge jump off and fly, but what it actually does is to drop her mercilessly onto
the surface of the water...
Bring Emily and Fledge to the colorful scene! With everything displayed together, the set looks quite nice, doesn't it?
But the white background does not give us the feel of Elvendale...
Miku and Spark join Fledge. They are very interested in that chocolate Emily is holding!

This will be a perfect introductory set to the LEGO Elves theme. But once you have get the cute baby wind dragon,
I don't know how you could stop without collecting all the baby dragons... There will be three more to be added to
the collection in August, and personally, I can't wait to have them all!
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So let’s move
it to a place
where Fledge
would feel
more at home!