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Box Front

Box Back

I initially only wanted this set for the dolphins. I am so glad I got it because there are so many details that really make this set shine.

Box Contents

This set is pretty big. When you open the box there is a lot of things staring back at you. We get five large bags, two instruction booklets, a slide, a sticker sheet, boat base pieces, and three large gray tubes. The boat pieces and tubes are exclusive to this set in this color.

Bag 1 Contents

Look at all of that pretty medium azure. We get a brick separator, Mia, Andrew, and the first dolphin. We also get some substantial sized bricks and plates to build with. Exclusive to this set in the first bag:
  • Andrew's head
  • Andrew's torso
  • Mia's torso
  • Dolphin
  • Six 2x6 medium azure bricks

Bag 1 Build

Bag 1, along with the boat pieces, makes the hull of the boat as well as the jet ski with water skis. The jet ski has a clip on it so it can attach to the side of the boat. This is very smart and will be shown later. The dolphin wants to play along too!

Bag 2 Contents

I love the dark pink tiles! It's such a pretty color and I'm glad to see more of it. We get Maya, the other dolphin, two ice cream cones, Popsicle, flowers, a cabinet with clear door as well as some other bits and pieces that add more details to the Cruiser! Exclusive to this set in the second bag:
  • Maya's hair
  • Maya's torso
  • Maya's head (I double checked because I didn't believe it, but she has dark brown eyes)

Bag 2 Build

Bag 2 makes the interior of the Cruiser. There is a kitchenette with yummy ice cream waiting to be eaten, a living room with a sectional sofa, a half bathroom (why are there glass walls and no door to the bathroom?!) and a bedroom with two beds. Andrew is sleeping on the couch!

Bag 3 Contents

Bag 3 is a big one. There are some lovely white arches of various sizes, lots of trans clear windows, hair accessories, a pink bucket, fish, a plant, among other bits of fun. Exclusive to this set in the third bag:
  • Two tan corner plates 6X6X45

Bag 3 Build

Bag 3 makes the slide, shower and dolphin feeding area as well as the base for the deck. I love the use of the upside down frying pan as the shower head.

Bag 4 Contents

Bag 4 has some large 2x plates, more wonderful white arches, a pink plate, a glass, and a pink flag. Exclusive to this set in the fourth bag:
  • Four 2x2 medium azure corner slopes (two more in bag 5)
  • Six 2x4 medium azure slopes (six more in bag 5)

Bag 4 Build

Bag 4 along with two gray tubes makes the front relaxing deck and a base for the top deck. The recliners look comfy. The use of the jumper plate underneath helps put them at an angle. It really forms to the shape of the boat and looks quite nice.

Bag 5 Contents

Hello there banana. We also get a nicely printed cell phone tile, more medium azure pieces and nice 1x1 round tiles. Exclusive to this set in the fourth bag:
  • Two medium azure 2x2 round dome bricks
  • Four trans purple 1x2 bricks
  • Two medium azure wing tips (I don't know what to call them, Brickset calls them rudders)
  • Four pink 4x10 plates

Bag 5 Build

Bag 5 finishes the Dolphin Cruiser. We get a top deck with a bar area and a place to steer the ship.

Completed Build

Everything looks so great all together. Here are some close up views of the details:

Exterior 1

On the top deck there is enough room a good amount of minidolls. The juice bar is a nice detail, especially with the 1x2 trans purple bricks. It looks like it could light up! The jet ski attachment is just brilliant. The beach chairs are designed beautifully with the modified foot plate so they stay in place. The deck even has the cell phone dock to play tunes! The details are just packed in. They really live a luxurious life don't they?

Exterior 2

We have a dolphin feeding area right next to the outdoor shower. Why can't the shower be inside? I know there are beach showers and what not, but a yacht should have an indoor shower, right? I guess I can't complain, at least it exists. The water slide is a nice feature, and definitely adds to the playability.


The white 1x1 round brick as toilet paper is too funny!


The kitchen is compact, but it has what you need. Counter space, a grill, a sink and refrigerator. It would have been nice to include some cabinets and drawers. I like the couch design. The bedroom has two cozy looking beds with storage for the girls' accessories.

Minidolls and Dolphins

Mia, Andrew, Maya, and Dolphins. The details are great on these minidolls. Andrew has a sailboat printing on his shirt, and Maya's shirt reminds me of cherry blossoms. Mia's green stripes complement her red hair.

Extra Pieces

We get 28 extra pieces. None of them are particularly thrilling, but it's always nice to have extra.

The set is big, which means it costs more, but I think it was worth the money. Kids are going to love all of the areas of playability. From the slide, to the dolphins, to the jet ski, it packs in a lot of action.

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Note: All exclusive parts mentioned in the colors noted were applicable at the time this review was posted. Parts may be available in other colors and sets after the post of this review. Brickset was used as a tool to verify this information.
By tonistokes529

Set # 41015
612 pieces
Ages 7-12
Released 2013
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