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LEGO Friends Desk #30102
by Toni
Olivia and her desk! Play some music, sip some coffee (or tea!) and get some work done on her laptop.
Let's take a closer look at this polybag set: Desk.

The Friends Bricks community wishes to thank TLG's CEE Team for generous support of
this set to review and share with fans.
LEGO Friends Desk #30102
The bag shows Olivia sitting at her desk. I like the bag art, showing hardwood floors and large windows. It looks like a nice office.
LEGO Friends Desk #30102
There isn't a whole lot when you open the bag. Some of the more appealing pieces are the laptop, cell phone/MP3 player,
coffee cup and the clear minifig head for a vase. I like the use of the head for a vase rather than the chalice glasses because
they are shorter.
LEGO Friends Desk #30102
I love this small set because of the amount of detail packed in. There is a lamp, cell phone, laptop, coffee cup, and a vase
with flowers. I coveted this set for a long time. Before my collection grew, I had really wanted the laptop. I did eventually
get some sets with laptops in them, but I still wanted this set to complete my collection. I am not disappointed. This set
is just too cute and would look great in any house or office MOC.
LEGO Friends Desk #30102
Here we have Olivia. She is also in this outfit in Olivia's House and Adventure Camper.
LEGO Friends Desk #30102
There are four extra pieces. This brings the price per piece to $0.13USD. This is still not a great price but every little bit
helps, right?

While the price is high for what you get, you do get some cool parts and really just an adorable little set. I believe this set
works better added to a house or other building, rather than a stand alone set. But don't we just add everything together

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