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Slopes & Tiles
Unique to Friends
Printed Tiles & Parts
Some are
Unique to Friends
LEGO Friends Bags
LEGO Friends Room Decor
Bricks Unique to Friends
when they were first
introduced in 2012
Plates Unique to Friends
Other Parts Unique
to Friends
LEGO Friends unique brick slopes and tiles
Parts not Unique to Friends, yet
mostly in Friends sets
Note: These bricks in these molds and in
these colors were unique to Friends sets
when they were initially introduced.  Some
colors and shapes may be included in other
sets across the LEGO products array now.
We hope to update this page in 2016.
Animals in LEGO Friends sets
Horse Riding
Gear & Grooming
*compiled by Mya
*compiled by Mya
Brick colors initially introduced in
Friends sets:
Medium Azure
Cool Yellow
Medium Lavender
Dark Lavender
Magenta (bright red violet)
Pink (light purple)
Bright Pink (dark purple)
Bright Green
LEGO Friends Stationery, Desk & School Supplies
LEGO Friends Hamsters
Animals in LEGO Friends sets 2016 (1HY)
Violet & Daisy (41110)                 Jewel (41114)         Heidi & Harry (41111)              Minu & Mini (41113)            Toffee (41112)
* Animals with hats are from the Birthday Party sub-theme
Cookie (41135)          Cat (41119)                Bear (41121)                Elvis (41122)                    Fox (41122)                   Jojo (41120)
LEGO Friends Brown Bear
LEGO Friends Olivia and her gray dapple horse
LEGO Friends Pug - Toffee
Toffee (41124)
Luna (41124)
Diamond (41123)
Animals in LEGO Friends sets (2HY)
Spice (41126)
Mouse (41126)
Ninja (41126)
gray dapple (41125)