LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Explore parts of Clear Spring Mountain with Andrea!
After a day hiking, help her build the mountain hut so she can enjoy a toasted marshmallow
and relax surrounded by nature.
Entertain a woodland critter while setting up the campfire!

The FriendsBricks community would like to thank TLG's CEE Team generous support of this set to review
and share with fans.
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Box front:
Overlooking the heart-shaped lake, from up on the side of Clear Spring Mountain, just outside
Heartlake City.
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Box back:
Shows Andrea studying a map; where the sneaky squirrel hides when Andrea is resting on the
hut's daybed; nature photography; the campfire for heating water to purify for drinking, and later
toasting a marshmallow.
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Box contents: Large bag, small bag, one instruction booklet; no stickers.
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Both Bags bricks and pieces laid out - New to Friends this year:

Medium Lavender Slope, Inverted 45-degrees 2x1 (also in
Jungle Bridge Rescue)

Dark Orange 3x3 cross plate (also in
Sunshine Ranch)

Green Plate, Modified 1x2 with Handle on Side - Closed Ends (used to attach roof plates); although
part has been available in Green since 2009.

Printed Map tile 2x2 tan - first found in Indiana Jones sets, then more recent Pirate sets.
Otherwise, some nice Log bricks 1x2 in Tan, and also in Nougat, plus 1x4 in that color.
Several Green plates and branches.
Another cute squirrel (of course it could be some fan's first squirrel ;-)
A Camera with parts to make it a long lens.
A cooking pot.
Tan cheese bricks are also welcome.
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
First things built are Andrea, stool and campfire.  I love that map tile!
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Hut walls are nice and use solid "Logs" as you would expect to use in building a real hut on any
The white 1x1 'Headlight' brick needs to be turned to have side-stud face out on the exterior so
vine branch can attach later.
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Hut before roof panels added -- showing a small attic area.
The trans yellow hanging Lamp is a fun and practical element. Building
'any' type of lighting source out of LEGO bricks is always fun to see how
many ways this can be done.
The white glass-less window frames act as shutters and certainly give
this hut a 'homey' feel.
The designers really have packed a lot into this small set: a shelf, a
daybed, storage under, storage above, windows, Lamp, and sturdy
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Extra pieces are always nice -- since
these small ones can get lost easily.
At first I wondered why there were
two extra trans clear 1x1 round
plates, then I realized they can go
into the pot for cooking (or
purifying water, as survivalists
know to do before drinking). That
makes sense; however, I would
have preferred 2 more white 1x1
cylinders to use as Marshmallows --
because who can toast just one?
Right? Or, in case Friends drop by ;-)
Having more curvy flames is always
welcome too.
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Inside the booklet there is a page featuring some Summer fun as an image of what's happening back in
Heartlake City at the new Heartlake Shopping Mall. See Olivia with pictures form the new Photo Booth!
The next pages show: New Jungle map; all Heartlake City Summer 2014 sets together; then online
tools for Friends, and then screencaps of video game. Last inside pages show all bricks and pieces with
number of each. The item number of each is also very helpful to find more of the same, or to request
any that aren't in the box via TLG's replacement process.
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Andrea mini-doll:
Andrea is wearing a new 2014 Summer halter top in Medium Azure
and Magenta pants first seen on Joanna in
Heartlake Pet Salon #41007
I really like the paisley wisp motif on her top!

Hey, I think I hear something in the woods ...
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Just as Andrea was about to toast a marshmallow, along comes her Friends Joanna and Olivia, driving back down the mountain after a
fun camping trip in the Summer Caravan (
She would offer them a toasted marshmallow, yet she has only one.
She does offer them a look at her map, to make sure they are headed in the right direction.
Those critters have their own little greeting time ;-)

Combining these two sets was fun for me. I can surely see more scenes of the three Friends around the campfire together!
LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut Review #41031
Joanna took the time to get a photo of Andrea for her scrapbook.
Summer Memories!

For a ten dollar set, this has more building that it looks on the box art. The hut is well-built
with many layers and cross reinforcing walls. This would be an excellent set to take on a camping trip
to build and play-out the days activities! Especially when it's too dark to be wondering in the woods anyway.
This combined with Summer Caravan
#41034 creates even more building fun for Summer!
It's certainly fun to see Friends expand their world beyond Heartlake City this year. resource pages where used to verify some information in this review (
Mini-Doll page,
Review of
Sunshine Ranch by Toni, and Friends Sets pages). BrickLink was also used to verify some brick
data. All info included in this review was accurate at time of posting.

Thanks for reading!
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Back of Hut - Looks like a small Cabin that could exist in any mountain setting :-)