Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village - 41185
Aira's Airship & the Amulet Chase - 41184
The Capture of Sophie Jones - 41182
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LEGO Elves Magic Rescue from Goblin Village in Elvendale. The village consists of three buildings with lots of accessories. The first building, crystal shop, has an openable door,
the treasure magnifying and rotating crystal platform. The second building has an openable door and a lookout point and a bathroom and a fireplace. The last building, the
dungeon has a burst function of the gate that is activated by the plant on the page is pulled down. The set also includes the following accessories: newspaper, guitar, drumstick,
wood, evil instructions, Mug, dynamite, hatchet, map, water jug, binoculars, insect jar, hammers, fire, nets, firing-mechanism and ground force buds, two strawberries, three evil
seeds and two crystals.
LEGO Elves Aira's Airships & the Amulet Chase is a breathtaking search mission set in Elvendale. This
set contains everything there is for the adventure. Aira's Airship has room for two mini-dolls and is
full of interesting details. The ship has a balloon with propeller and rear wings on the sides. Building
set includes Goblin paraglider with opening hatch and a storage space. In addition, a number of
accessories such as a magic boomerang, Aira's book with drawings, maps, compass, amulet and
crossbows. A magical playset that spurs the imagination.
The Goblin King's Evil Dragon - 41183
Goblin King's Evil Dragon LEGO Elves set is full of magic creating with Goblin King
Cronan Darkroot orders the lookout for new gems to be able to open and run their evil
portal. The kit includes Dragon Ashwing that has a cage of gems and movable wings
with claws. The set also contains a crystal cave with a hiding place for Lil 'Blu and an
explosion function to reveal where the crystal is. There are also a number of exciting
accessories including a crystal, a cage, dynamite and Goblin King's magic wand.
Sophie Jones is captured from LEGO Elves -- exciting adventure when Sophie Jones sneaks through the magical portal to Elvendale and explores Mr. Spry's business. The
set contains mini-doll Sophie Jones and Goblin figure Barblin and squirrel Mr. Spry. The package also includes the opening magical portal, Mr. Spry's grocery store and a
submersible network Barblin use to capture with Sophie. In addition to several detailed accessories such as a mobile phone, shopping list and more in this imaginative kit
that inspires you to play.
Naida's Gondola & the Goblin Thief - 41181
Nadia's Gondola & the Goblin Thief LEGO Elves set let's you build Nadia's quest for finding gems in
the magical island province. Nadia travels along the river in her gondola with seat, map, compass
and a basket of gems. The thieving goblin Roblin is trying to steal the gemss Nadia has found, and
focuses on the gondola with his catapult. The set includes: mini doll Nadia and troll figure Roblin,
gondola, island landscapes, gems with basket, cherry, map, compass, drumstick and seeds.